This survey reflects the answers of 56 Philes since January 1999. I admit that's not a lot of people, but more are taking the survey every day. Here are the brand new stats!

*How old we are:
17 or younger--23 Philes
18-25--27 Philes *
26-30--5 Philes
31-40--0 Philes
41 or older--1 Phile

*How long we've been Phans:
Less than a year--7 Philes
Over a year--8 Philes
2-3 years--12 Philes *
4-5 years--13 Philes
Since day one--16 Philes

*Which is our favorite season:
S1--9 Philes
S2--3 Philes
S3--9 Philes
S4--14 Philes *
S5--14 Philes
S6--6 Philes

*Our Favorite Lone Gunmen:
Frohike--28 Philes
Langly--11 Philes *
Byers--15 Philes
The Thinker--2 Philes

*Our Favorite Informants:
Deep Throat--27 Philes *
Senator Matheson--4 Philes
X--18 Philes
Marita--4 Philes

*Our Favorite Members of The Syndicate:
Cancer Man--26 Philes
The Well-Manicured Man--30 Philes *
The First Elder--0 Philes
Strughold--0 Philes

*Fowley and Spender:
Fowley's worse--24 Philes *
Spender's worse--9 Philes
They both suck equally--24 Philes

*Mulder and Scully:
Mulder's better--16 Philes
Scully's better--16 Philes
They equally rock--24 Philes *

*The MSR:
They should just be good friends--9 Philes *
The present relationship is great with lots of UST--9 Philes
They should become involved in the near future--5 Philes
They should hop in the sack NOW--5 Philes
They should become involved at the very end of the show--28 Philes

And most of you like my site, and always make one feel special! The ones with * at the end are the ones I voted for! Now you know where I stand. As if you cared. But if you see a statisitc that you don't feel is quite right, take the survey!