Little Alexis's Site
Welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy it. It will be featuring fanfic of Nexis and Skye/Jax, music, and more. Please be patient this site is currently under construction. Thanks for stopping by.  :o)
My Favorite Sites
THE GATE---One of my favorite Nexis sites. They have a lot of stuff you can do. They have fanfic, biographies, pictures, chat rooms, and a whole lot more.
Fans Of Alexis---2nd best to The Gate, but just as good. Lots of fanfic, pictures, chat rooms, and other great stuff.
Pam's Fan Fic Page---This is one of the best fanfic pages to go to if you're looking for stories about Nexis, other characters, or stories not involving GH.  These stories are very good especially "Alone In A Crowd".  You have to read that story.
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Hi all!  It's been awhile   I am revamping my website.
  Plus, I have a story that I'm working on about Skye and Jax.  You can find it on under Robin Christopher Fans in the Fanfic section.  It's called Hanging By a Moment.  I will try to post it here soon along with other stories that I started that
I haven't finished yet.  Tainted Love and Fantasy of
Flowers are finished, but I have yet to put them on my
site.  I also have to work out some minor details in the
stories too, so please bare with me.  Thank you all for
visiting.  I really do appreciate it and the feedback that
you send me.  :o)