This site closed on Oct 3, 2003.

JAG Asylum

Due to the turn that our favorite show took at the end of last season and the way it continued to deteriorate with the season premier, we decided we no longer wanted to continue to spend our time, work and money on something we no longer enjoy or support. The bad storylines, the trilogy from hell that had more holes than swiss cheese and the character assesination of some of our favorite characters, make it impossible to enjoy or support the series any more. Therefore we need to close the site done and move on. We appreciate TPTB for the years of wonderful entertainment they provided us with. Through their show we met some wonderful people and made everlasting friendships. We will always remember the generosity and kindness of TPTB. Everyone at Bellisarious productions from Mr. Donald Bellisario to the crew on the set were friendly, fun, caring and giving. We doubt there is a more professional or fan friendly production team in Hollywood. But as much as we respect TPTB, we simply do not like their product anymore. The characters are just ghosts of who they used to be. The storylines are like a day time soap opera and we can not continue to watch. To the wonderful fans who supported us & made our site one of the most popular in JAG fandom, THANK YOU! We had a lot of fun working on this crazy idea! To all of those who shared their talents with us, thank you, you helped to make the site the success it was. It was a great run and we had a wonderful time! The JAG Asylum Staff. "Good-night, sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"

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