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Kenix's Profile

Name: Kenix Kwok
Birthdate: 27th Nov 1970
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Height: 5' 6.5"
Weight: 103Ibs
Marital Status: Single but attached to
Frankie Lin Wen Long Family members: dad, mom, 1 elder sis, 1 younger sis, 1 younger brother
Favorite singer: Anita Mui and Jacky Cheung
Favorite actor: Felix Wong Yat-Wah
Favorite actress: Dodo Cheng Yu-Ling
Favorite country: Japan and Canada
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Colors: Pink, White
Favorite Animals: Puppies
Favorite colors: White and pink
Favorite things to do: Shopping and Karaoke
Favorite food: Seafood
Favorite subject: Home Economics
Subject she dislikes the most: Maths
Person she respects the most: Dad
Type of pple she dislikes: unfilial pple
Favorite type of clothing: casual and those with
Favorite expression: smiling
Favorite place: one where she can earn lots of money

If u have any pics of Kenix and would like to share with us, kindly email me
My PERSONAL Opinion of Kenix
Last amendment to the writings: 9/12/99
How do I like her: Quite Like

My comments
My opinion of Kenix is very much influenced by her fans, from them, I learn so much abt this girl, how thoughtful, kind, sweet and principled she is and my liking for her gradually grew unknowingly. I'm very touched by how Kenix treats her fans and how her fans treat her, so if u are a hard core Kenix fans, do drop by the forum listed in my links section below!
Acting= A-
I believe that she's one of the top notch actress in TVB. Her acting skills is superb, this can be seen in her protrayal of DIF, esp part 3 where Jessie has to turn from a witty and sharp-tongued girl to a sweet and gentle girl.
Singing= B
Kenix has cut an album recently, wel I must say she sings pretty well for a first timer and her voice is very sweet, just like her =p
Kenix's Links
Well....I never really like Kenix initially. Many people have been raving about how gorgeous she looks and I seem the only one to disagree with this. I feel that her face is too round and she only looks pretty in certain angle. An extremely photogenic gal too!
Style= A++
Kenix seems like a very principled woman to me. She's also very sweet, kind and thoughtful. Just look at the way she treats her fans and u'll know =)
Co Stars
Some of her costars include Chi Lam, Michael Tao, Frankie, Felix Wong. She looks very compatible with Chi Lam. In fact it was rumoured that she liked Chi Lam last time and she dated Frankie coz he looks like Chi Lam. But I feel that this rumour is highly dubious. I like her with Michael most, I will always remember how Jessie and Da Yung like to bicker and tease each other.

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