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Maggie's Profile

Name: Maggie Cheung Ho Yee
Previous Foreign Name: Tina (only during the PP Girls period)
Date of Birth: March 20, 1970
Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Nationality: British
Origin: 廣 東 台 山 (Guang Tung Toi San)
Chinese Horoscope: Dog
Zodiac: Pisces
Languages Spoken: Cantonese, English, and Mandarin (all fluently)
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Her Measurements: 33" 25" 36" Clothes
Blood Type: O+
Previous Residency: 西 貢 (Sai Kung)--lived with her best friend, actress Florence Kwok Siu-Wan
Current Residency: Maggie moved out and currently rented a very nice house, also in 西 貢 (Sai Kung). The environment is also very healthy.
Family Members: Parents, 1 elder sister (Wylie), 2 younger sisters (Carrie & Susie), and a dog
Religion: Roman Catholic
Primary Education: St. Mary's Canossian College (All-girls Catholic School), in Hong Kong
Further Education: Maggie went to study in England, UK at the age between 12 and 13.
Secondary Education: Philips High School in England
College Education: Oxford College in England
Ex-Occupations: Fashion Merchaniser; Movie Reviewer for TVB Pearl (TVB ENGLISH CHANNEL)
Special thx to MCIFC for the data

My PERSONAL Opinion of Maggie
Last amendment to the writings: 19/12/99
How do I like her: Quite Like

My comments
I like the girl who acted as Cheng Ying in Return of the Condor Heroes 95 without knowing who that actresses is. It's only after viewing Mei Mei Ting Wong and Old Time Buddy that I realized that the sweet girl I like is called Maggie Cheung Ho Yi. What a great discovery huh =p.
Acting= A
I am very attracted to her portrayal of Cheng Ying and admire her charisma. She's the reason I like Cheng Ying and why I rented Old Time Buddy.
Singing= B+
I actually heard her sing for some TVB theme songs like the "Zai Seng Lin He Yuan Ye" in Mei Mei Ting Wong. I like her voice. Sweet and soothing. Aiya too bad the guy's part of this song is not sang by Louis.
Maggie's Links
Maggie is not really very pretty but she's really cute looking. I really like her role in Mei Mei Ting Wong, so cute and funny.
Style= A
Her attractive point is her cute and blur looks.
Co Stars
Some of her co stars include Louis Koo, Gallen Lo, Chi Lam etc. She had paired with Gallen numereous times, they are a cute couple BUT I still prefer her with Louis, esp in Mei Mei Ting Wong, they really make a hilarious and fun loving pair. Ok I know I find almost any actress that co star with Louis suits Louis best, but I think Maggie and Louis have the MOST CHEMISTRY. Even Ada or Carmen won't look as good as she would with Louis. I mean that's also part of the reason I like her =p.

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