Baby Avelina Tan's

The Power of Three:

The Story:

Three sisters, "Charmed" with powers from the book of shadows. There's Prue Halliwell, the beautiful and driven oldest, has the power to move things "Telekinesis".Piper the earthy, creative middle sister has the ability to stop time and Phoebe, the free spirited youngest has the power to see the future. All of which have lived their entire lives without a clue as to who they really were. All it takes is one dark night for them to discover their true identity as the "Charmed Ones," the most powerful of a long line of good witches. The ancient legend proclaims them as protectors of the innocent and warns of dark forces that will take the form of everyday people. These new enemies will stop at nothing to possess their powers, including murder. The sisters' daily struggles will never be the same when they start to grapple with their newfound identity amidst the darker world of the occult. The enchanting Halliwell sisters must learn to come together and use their powers wisely. For when they don't, it's not just their own lives that are at stake.

Charmed Photo Gallery:

Witches Gallery 1

Witches Gallery 2

Prewdence Halliwell

Piper Halliwell

Phoebe Halliwell

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