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Sleepy Hollow: My mini-site dedicated to the tale of the gangly schoolmaster and the Headless Horseman. There's a multimedia retelling of the legend, news on the upcoming live-action version, and a list of other film/TV versions of the story.

The Ultimate Jaws Sequel Site: A tribute of sorts to the 3 Jaws sequels. This site has tons of stuff: plot information, image galleries, an interactive game, merchandise information, little-known facts, and more. Site Created June 15th 1999.

The All-New Knots Landing Recaps: Humorous commentary on the now-defunct primetime soap, alternative casting, Frequently Asked Questions, and Character Retrospectives.

A Twisted Trip to the Happiest Place on Earth: Read my mockumentary of my family's 1993 visit to Disneyland.

IMAGES: Left to right: The Headless Horseman ala Disney; Jaws the Revenge's fin; Poor Valene aka Joan Van Ark; my family circa 1993.


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