Wind and Fire

'Voltron Yaoi Fan Fic's'

Disclaimer: Yaoi, of course, means the stories are about male/male relationships... but since you are here you probably already know that. :) And I of course don't actually own any of the Votlron Force I am merely borrowing them for a little fun.
The stories will all feature Keith (Wind) and Lance (Fire) as a couple.  And  since I like Sven most times he's alive and a part of the team (most of the time).

New Fics: Taking Over Me, Sven's Cooking  

Co-wrote New Fics: Staying Afloat

Beauty  A Chilling tale of one's desire to destroy everything that has beauty.

Birthday Promise Keith sees to making sure that Lance has a very happy birthday.

CinderAllura A young princess has dreams of going to a party to get her prince charming if only she can get out of working. Seriously twisted Fairy Tale.

In Memory Of...  A small gathering to remember one who is lost.

Lost Together A story using the song Lost Together by Blue Rodeo.

A Nighttime Talk Keith and Lance have a very important talk.

Once Upon A December: Past A tale of love lost and love found.

Once Upon A December: Present A tale of love lost and love found.

The Picnic During some downtime Lance and Keith have a picnic, and truths are revealed.

Rainy Day On a rainy Keith waits for Lance to arrive for their date.

Taking Over Me Lyric Wheel challenge on yving.

So Far Away Lyric Wheel challenge on yving.

Sven's Cooking A yving challenge.

Unremembered Past A past he can't remember could destroy Keith's life.

A Valentine's Day Date Keith and Lance spend Valentine's Day together.

Voltronized Frog Prince A young princess finds a frog that she tries to turn into a prince with a kiss.  But what does the 'frog' think? Another serious Twisted Fairy Tale.

WOOZ A tornado carries a boy to a strange new land. - Seriously Twisted Wizard of Oz.


Co-Written by Phoenix and Me


Auld Lange Syne One year is over and Keith wants to begin the next in whole new way.

Captured What happened when they were captured when trying to land on Arus

A Chance Meeting Prequel to 'Once upon a December Past'. A tale of love lost and love found.

Closet Time When Keith and Lance won't stop fighting the other lock them in a closet together.

Deception An act of deception causes serious trouble for Keith and Lance's relationship.

Fairy Tales Allura and Romelle want Keith and Sven as their knights... but the boys have other plans.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer When Keith's Grandma comes to Arus for a Christmastime visit there may be none who survive the festive holiday.

Halloween Mischief Fun and games ensue when the team celebrates Halloween with a small party.

Hippie Juice The boys find out a little too late that Arusian Whiskey has a 'special' ingredient.

Learning To Fly 1,2,3,4,epilouge 'Academy' Pasts must be overcome if there is to be any hope of flying.

Staying Afloat The sequel to 'Learning To Fly' After everyone thinks Sven is dead he returns to Arus, but there is something very different about him.

A Lesson Learned Lance learns an important lesson.

A Little Game Of Pool It's all fun and games when Lance teaches Keith how to play pool.

Mardi Gras - Arus Style Allura decides to throw her own Mardi Gras Party.

Mind Games1,2 Vicious and cruel mind games are played are played on the team.

Miscommunication Keith and Lance have problems communicating.

Rollercoaster Emotions After a breakup Keith turns to his best friend for comfort.

Running Keith finds even when you run, problems have a way of catching up with you.

Running II - Revealing Keith reveals secrets from his troubled past to Lance.

Running III - Revisiting Keith's past resurfaces to haunt him one more time.

Sailor Moon Madness The Voltron Force is forced to play into Allura's madness.

Even More Moon Madness The very strange sequel to the strange 'Sailor Moon Madness.'

Silent Yearning Things turn 'interesting' at a nightclub as a drunken Keith silently yearns to be with his friend.

Stormy Night One dark stormy night Lance's life is forever changed.

SOS Stranger on Sugar Strangers appear at the academy and one of them is on a sugar high.

Sucker Dangers A mix of Arusian medication and sugar cause an interesting side effect.

Surprises Keith pretneds to be someone else at the school dance so that he can dance with Lance.

Trick Or Treat Halloween brings with it many horrors.

Winter Wishes A beautiful snowy day on Arus.

Fairy Tales by Phoenix


Little Red Riding Hood Phoenix Style

 Rapunzel- Phoenix Style

Snow White - Phoenix Style



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