The Annual W/A 'Forbidden Love' Awards folks gave me these two lovely awards!

This award is from Sonja Marie who runs the GASP! fanclub and the ULTIMATE Buffy links page. I defy thee to find a better one on the net. Sonja has well over 2000 Buffy links and she gave me this lovely award. Thanks Sonja!

Sonja Marie's Buffy the
  Vampire Slayer Links

Queeq gave me these *ages* ago and I just now got to put them up. Thanks so much Queeq!!

The Goddess Minerva is *such* a sweetheart! Thank you!!

The High Stakes Award

Tessa gave me *another* one!! I feel so cool!!

Thanks Pixie!

  Thanks Dianna!! What an original and awesome looking award! art by Joe Bennett for dark horse comics

A huge Thank you to Mr. Gordo. Please visit his incredible site, the Ultimate Willow Fanpage!
(trust me, it lives up to it's name!)

Yay!! Thanks to Jessica for this terrific award!

Thanks Suzanne!!


I got this one from Tessa, webmistress of The Slayer Guild and It's Always the quiet ones!!
Thanks Tessa!

I got these AWESOME awards from Jewel (terrific webmistress that she is of Jewel's New Buffy The Vampire Slayer Page).

Wow!! I got this from Chranna, the rockin webmistress of the Groovy Slayer Fanfic Site! Thanks! (Isn't it pretty??)

Ohmigosh, I've actually won an award!!!! Thanks so much to Mel for giving this to me, it was completely unexpected!!! (she says as she gets gushy and hysterical)
Isn't it a pretty award?

Oh cool. I got another one! (I actually applied for this one, but I'm still thrilled to get it! < g >)
NOSFERATU  award   for SUPERB website!

Thanks go out to Jade for this really fantastic (and really *huge*) award!!