Well, as most of you can see, I thrive on feedback. Therefore, I specifically created this page to give you a chance to voice your own opinion. Here's your opportunity to really shape this site. I'm open to all suggestions, criticisms, ( constructive criticisms) and comments in general. Did you like a piece of fanfic, or a particular picture? Would you like to see something different? Maybe episode summaries? Or more info on the actors? How about a weekly poll? Do you have a kick-ass rant of your own you'd like to see posted? Perhaps you'd like to help me design a shrine for Xander and Oz?

Just want to say "hi"?

Cool. Below, I've listed several ways you can get in touch with me:
You could just use the form...

email address:


Send me a message using ICQ!

But if that's not your speed, there's always good, old fashioned e-mail.

My e-mail address is trekchic@usa.net (easy to remember :) )

And if all else fails, you can hop on over to the chat rooms.

I can occasionally be found on IRC on chatnet.org in channel #Willow . My screen name is Serendipty. (you'll need an IRC program to connect if you don't already have one. They're very simple to obtain. I suggest going to Tucows, which is where I got mine. I have mIRC and I've found it to be very straightforward and easy to use.)

Phew...that's it (I think) so now, there aren't any excuses! I look forward to hearing from ya!

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