Here are some of my favorite BtVS links:
  • The Ultimate Willow Fanpage can be found by clicking either the picture or the link. This site is run by MrGordo, who is a major sweetie and posted my very first fanfic on his site and I am eternally greatful to him. His page is a must-see for all Buffy fans. It is truly one of the most comprehensive and incredible sites devoted to my favorite character on the show:Willow.
  • The Slayerfanfic Archive
  • This is the largest Buffy fanfic archive that I know of. You can go there to either read the latest fanfic or to submit your own.

  • The Very Suave,
                    Very Not Pathetic Slayerette Site
    Very Suave, Very Not Pathetic Slayerette Fanfic Site
  • This is yet another incredibly run archive whose stories concentrate strictly on the Slayerettes.  (FINALLY!! I mean, I love Buffy and all, but there are WAY to many fics (not to mention articles, pictures, interviews...etc.) solely about her.) This is definitely one of my favorite sites and my most favorite archive.Very Cool.

  • The Buffer
  • Go visit this page. Don't argue with me. Just go visit it. This page has some of the single most incredible fanfiction on it, and i risk a great embarassment to myself by sending you there because my fanfic can't even hold a candle to the some of the stuff on this page. The really sad part is that I can't even use the fact that she's older than me as an excuse because we're the exact same age. (sigh) The webmistress is a sweetie, though, so I don't mind. All I can say is for all of the Willow/Xander fans to go there and read Musical Chairs. As in now. No arguments. Just go.
  • The Buffy Cross and Stake
  •  The Buffy Cross & Stake
    This is a seriously cool page, it has tons of pics and info as well as an awesome design (check out the spiffy stake gif). There are so many terrific banners to choose from, that I had a tough time picking one. It's getting bigger fast, so go check it out!
  • We make our own fun.

  • This is Superpixie's HP. Please go check it out, it's devoted to Willow and Oz and has some really terrific fic, one of which she recently posted to Willfic (The Sweetest Smile). She's got a HUGE W/O fanfic archive so be sure to visit!!

    Soulmates: Willow and Xander much was I flipping out over this? Do I even need to tell you why this is a *must visit*??? Look at the name! It rocks!! It received a Willow Award! Look at the name!!!! Keep looking at the name! How cool is this? A page like this was sorely overdue in my opinon.'Nuff said.

    Sonja Marie's Page of Links There are *absolutely no* links pages which is better than this one. She has absolutely every Buffy link out there. Even if you've never submitted your's probably there already. She has well over 1,000 already. They're separated into categories and easily searchable. A *must* bookmark!!

    Willow's KeyThis is the sister site of The Labyrinth (it's also maintained by me) For a great fanfic fix (it links back here for that) and original Willow-centric 'slideshows', downloads, manipulated pictures, and desktop wallpaper, it's worth a bookmark!!

    Fanfic World This place has TONS of links to great fanfic pages from several different genres. Defintely worth a bookmark of you're looking for more fic to read.

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