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Looking for Subtext? Here it is. This index contains work written about the characters in Xena Warrior Princess. These characters are the sole property of Universal Pictures Television and Renaissance Pictures. Their appearance here is for recreation only and not for profit by any means.

Brown Bettie is subtext friendly and an S&M enthusiast! These are the stories lunacy writes warnings about, these are the stories with the really long disclaimers.
Brown Bettie would like to remind everyone that reading about S&M and B&D practices and doing them are separate things. This site does not advocate or encourage the above practices without full consent of all parties involved and  proper safety precautions.
If you are Under 21 0r 18 in some states these stories are not for you try  General Fan Ficton Index for stories that are rated PG13.
Brown Bettie Index

 The Importance of Being Gabby spoilers for third season and a warped round up of Hope's fate as well as flashbacks from their "first time". Touching and well thought out.

 Dinning with the Commandant sick and twisted in all the right ways. This story contains spoilers to Locked Up and Tied Down from season four, beginning immediately afterward. 

** Acts of Cruelty Not a Xena Story Not Even Uber Unless You Want It To Be. A touching tale that definately takes the cake.

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