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I thought that with Forever Knight, unlike dueSouth, I was a 'mainstream' fan, but as I surfed through various Forever Knight websites, I came to the conclusion that this isn't the case. What can I say, I will always be an outcast. 8^) My main difference with other Forever Knight fans is that I won't be classified in a faction. I won't be made to choose between Detective Knight and Nick the vampire, for example. I embrace all parts of the characters' psyches.

Unlike Northwest Passage, my dueSouth page, Exsanguination is going to be very small and non-extensive. I've decided to make it up just as a tribute to another show that actually drew me in. I'd like to share my thoughts on the characters, and maybe even archive a few Forever Knight fan fics, but otherwise, this page is not the place to go if you want a Forever Knight page as large and original as dueSouth's Northwest Passage. However, like with Northwest Passage, Exsanguination requires background knowledge of the show; for example, I'll say why I like a character, but not who that character is!

Why Exsanguination?

One of my favourite episodes is the first one of season 3, Outside the Lines where the victim's cause of death was, you guessed it, exsanguination. But, there's more than that. While it took me about a season and a half of dueSouth to get thoroughly hooked on that show, all it took was one episode of Forever Knight! Tthat episode was Outside the Lines. I left that first viewing full of questions. I wanted more! What were Nick's limitations? Why was there such tension with Tracy? Why did Nathalie seem to know about Nick but no one else did? Outside the Lines prompted me to beg for more Forever Knight episodes so that I could have my questions answered. That said, my love of Forever Knight comes from Outside the Lines, and, so, like that episode, my passion started with exsanguination.

I'd like to publicly thank Cheryl for making copies of all three seasons for me!

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