Retro gaming
Manic Miner:One of the first platform games i can remember.The annoying thing was unless you had a "poke" that could give you infinite lives, then as soon as you lost all 3 lives it was right back to square one.Later Manic Miner 2 came out named Jet Set Willy, for me, even though you had more variation on which level to access, it didn`t have the hold of the original.

Attic Attack:This was another classic ZX Spectrum game, with the purpose being to collect keys and food and by moving up and down levels, find a way out. So simple, but highly playable.

Fred:This ZX Spectrum game had a wonderful feeling of adventure. It was about a man named Fred, whose task it was to discover all sorts of treasures in the underground catacombes in Egypt. To make his task a tad challenging, dripping acid and mummies and ghost were all intent on draining his energy.

Jet Man:

Jet Pac: