J to L

Jackanory 1965 
I never liked Jackanory. Which was a pain, as it was on every day. Each week a famous person would read a story and a non animated picture would be shown to accompany the story.

Jamie and his Magic Torch 19??

(The) Jetsons 1963 
A type of future Flintstones with what in the 90's look very dated gadgets,

Jim'll Fix It 1975 

Joe 196? 

Joe 90 1968 
This was about a kid with glasses and a large globe called BIG RAT, if he sat in it after in spun round, it would give him some type of special  intelligence.30 episodes were made in all.

Josie and the Pussycats 1973 
A dreadful cartoon about a girl group who got tangled up in silly adventures. Sounds a bit like the Spice Girls!

Kojak 1974 
Who loves ya baby?

(The) Krypton Factor 1977 
Gordon Burns introduced this not so easy all round challenge show.

Kung Fu 1973 
Ahh, Grasshopper.

Land of the Giants 1968 
This was a series that i remember being shown on a sunday along with "The Big Match" and "Golden Shot". To be honest i can't remember a lot else. 

Lassie's Rescue Rangers 19?? 

(The) Likely Lads 1964 
Terry and Bob

Lippy the Lion 19?? 
It was there to watch, I didn't choose it. This was not a classic.

(The) Liver Birds 1969 
Stands a lady, on a mountain, who she is i do not know, all she wants is gold and silver all she wants is a nice young man.

Love Thy Neighbour 1972 

Ludwig 197? 
Some type of helicopter/Mozart plating weirdo, never made any sense to me.