O to R

(The) Oddball Couple 1975
Spiffy and Fleabag share a flat and do not get on.

Only Fools and Horses 1981 
Receives the highest accolade without any dispute.

On the Buses 1969 
A typical 70's comedy about a bus driver, conductor and an inspector. With catch phrases such as "I'll 'ate you Butler" and very cheeky humour it became one of the 70's biggest comedies.73 episodes were made in all.

Opportunity Knocks 1964 
Hosted by Hughie Green, a type of New Faces show bu t the judges were the audience on the famous clapometer. The louder they clapped, the higher there vote. Many accusations of cheating surrounded the show (like relatives bringing gadgets in to enhance the clap). When it was time for the voting, the famous phrase "It's make your mind up time" was used. Hughie Green went on to do other shows such as "Sky's the Limit".

Our Show 1978 

Paddington 1958 

A silly bear obsessed with marmalade and a silly old duffle coat, took the 5.40pm slot before the news. Created by Michael Bond.

(The) Partridge Family 19?? 


(The) Perils of Penelope Pitstop 19?? 

Major spin-off from Wacky Races, with both Penelope Pitstop and the Anthill Mob involved. Having said that, it was still brilliant.

Pinky and Perky 1957 

In the days when records could be played on 78 rpm as well as 45 rpm, it didn't take long for someone to come up with the high speed voices of Pinky and Perky.

Pipkins 1976 

ITV's answer to Rainbow. With Hartley Hare (whose hand was that of Nigel Plaskett of Vicks Sinex commercial- playing Malcolm), Topov the Monkey and Pig it made an entertaining show.

Pixie and Dixie 1959 

Tom and two Jerry's, but to be fair, Mr Jinks was a very likeable rogue, unlike the annoying mice. As Mr Jinks would say "I hate those Meeces to pieces"

Playaway 1971 

I suppose this went beyond Playschool, by extending the songs and story lines. Presenters included Tony Arthur, Brian Cant, Jeremy Ions and Richard Stilgoe. The song was a simple Lyrick...P.L.A.Y., playaway way playa playaway way playa playaway....etc 

Play School 1964 

This program had something for everyone. Either working out the hands on the clock, or guessing which window we would look through, this is the anchor of most children's nostalgia. There was Big Ted, Little Ted, Hamble, Jemima and Humpty also being joined by 2 presenters among Floella Benjamin, Brian cant, Dereck Griffiths, Johnny Ball (Zoey's dad) and Fred Harris.

Please Sir! 1968 

I can remember watching this program about 5c, a class of unruly pupils in the early seventies, that's it.

Pogles Wood 1966 

One of my earliest memories of children's tv. This was about a family and some type of squirrel thing.

Porridge 1974 

Pottytime 1972 

(The) Rag Trade 1961 

Rainbow 1972 
Suprisingly few people appreciate that amongst the 90% twaddle that is involved in putting up with wimps like Geoffrey and Bungle, Zippy is incredibly funny. Sad but true! Also a strange but true fact, when the theme music starts, why does it sound like the backing vocals say "Berlin wall"!, just before the main vocals start singing, "Up above the streets and houses......" ?

Record Breakers 19?? 

Rentaghost 1978 

(The) Rolf Harris Show 1967 

Heh, heh, heh ,heh, can you see what it's going to be yet? (Australian accent)

Roobarb 1974 

Wasn't this a cartoon drawn by a 12 year old (which is quite likely the reason for the jelly animation). Roobarb was the dog and Custard was the pink cat of next door. Custard was intent in putting roobarb into trouble in front of the on looking birds on the fence. Usually it was a Roobarb invention in his shed that led to a solution. This was the regular plot. What would you expect from a 12 year old?