I LoVe MoNkEyz
SponGe BoB iZ Muh MAn!
Im ReADy!!!
Ur Cool Beans and i promise that we wont bite/scratch/hit/smack or anything harmfull agian lol maybe...hey have fiun in alaska lol
I love you marpessa even if you do have a mean bro...now dont go biting heathers arm off or scratchin faces
Nina Wu
Hey lorissa you know i love you and u will always be my favorite sister cuz ashleys not to me lol i would put an inside joke down 4 ya but it seems like we have 2 many to pick from
Aw Nina  ur so cute lol i had to find like 8 differnt pics for you but mapessa picked this one!
Brittany D
hey we spent good times together specaily playing with bras and underwear lol cant beleive we were enimies
You Do know you have a wild side!
Even though you though half of my lunch goes on my face i still love you in a very you know way lol will you out out with me ...toe?
Matt Fr0nk
Loser u stole my name lol well ~it looks good on ya~ BoB
you know u were the one who ripped the Take note music lol
i still think you like **** *.
Malicious? are we?
My 411 is that i love to get information out of people in wierd wayz most people know my last Stalk was Carla Mart...well i wont say the whole last name ne wayz i have a peom i wrot e about the stalking to see what that poem iz IM me or email me and i will send it to you Byez
I FOuNd The ThOng PiX
Hey gurl sup me and you should go to Tampa and kick ANDYs A$$
BoO!- you know we have the best imes at mckenzi
es house
Hey amY SORrY! lol we had good times in Art
supp girl you know underneath all that aboringine stuff for our gay ass OM crap ur not that bad lol say cool


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