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About me:
Three years ago, I escaped the perils of Kansas City only to enter the boring, lifeless city of Wichita. The only good things that has happened to me since then were friends who have come and gone, and especially those few that stick around.  Plus I met Dave, one of the coolest boyfriends any girl could ask for! Most of what I do is write, soak up opinions and reactions of others and form poetry. I also listen to classic heavy rock music, along with alternative and sometimes big band/swing/ska (Static X,
Boy Hits Car, Korn, System of a Down, Space, Rusted Root, Robbie Williams, Dave Matthews Band [!!! iluvdavematthewsband !!!], Muse, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Sublime, Crosby Stills Nash & Young... you get the idea). BUT I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC AND BARRY MANILOW! I also make hemp/bead jewelry and try to play my guitar. I have two cats, and a collection of stuffed toy elephants, figurines, and other elephantized items. Anyways, here are some poems I wrote...
Welcome to Mindy's (aka littlething_habitt) homepage!
Alex, my special kitty

Almost perfect
Nearly flawless
Still confused
In this blind solace
Give me hope and
Say you'll call
But it's fine if
You don't at all
I'll forgive
You tomorrow
I'll ignore the
Pain and sorrow
Cuz you don't love me
The way that I want you to
But this is almost perfect...
I'm trying too hard to love you
I still believe
That you love me
But you know your
Game is above me
So you play
And you win
How do you make me
Play again
You're too good
And your eyes
Could never have
Told me those lies
Your fake smile
Roving hands
Speak a language
My heart understands
But the perfect
Game that you play
Grabs my heart
And eats it away
And you don't know the
Pain it will put me through
To quit this game because
I'll still be in love with you
With a heart like mine
It's easy to be blind
I could only see

What you pretended to be
My soul is light with joy
Heavy with love and dripping
From my heart is love
Which to you I give all

No one has a heart
That yearns for love as mine
Because I can not get enough
Of the splendor of your love

You can not contest me
No heart is a challenge
To mine beating so wildly
Bursting with adoration for you

Who can test me?
Show me your heart.
Who can blame me
Show me your innocence
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Bed Of Lies

To be disarming
You were prince charming
Anything to pull the wool over my eyes
You were sweet
And so discreet
You somehow put on the perfect disguise
It wasn't my way
To think or say
Anything that would lead you on
So I was led
Into your bed
A place where all lies have gone
You played with my heart
And right from the start
You tried to break it like a cheap toy
You were too good
I guess I should
Have realized you're just a boy