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  Where to begin? Well, music has been a Big part of my life from the begining. All through my school years I have been in chorus, plays and band. Being on stage is no strange place for me. I love acting, singing and playing music. In my junior year of highschool My father bought my first bass for me. I joined the brand new jazz improv group my senior year and won an award for outstanding effort. Just out of highschool I went to "open jams" at bars. I always had alot of fun. Not long after that, I got a full time blue collar factory job working 2nd shift at Scot Forge. ( I still work there today on 1st shift now!) So I set the bass down and did not touch it for a long time.
   There was no way that music could stay out of my life for long tho.
The Summer of 1997 I moved to Lake Geneva, Made new friends and Co-Founded  Weathered Reign.  (My first band) Which formed out of "Jam Sessions" with my friends starting around 1998.  After going thru many changes and line-ups, Weathered Reign was laid to rest in the summer of 2003 after only 2 years of actually playing out.
    In my search for other bands in need of a singer or musician, I came across Phineas Gage.  (My second band) I played Bass and Sang for PG thru September of 2005 when PG called it quits.
   The begining of 2006 brought the start of a new Project, 12 Gage, Which broke up in June 2007. Soon after, the reincarnation of Weathered Reign began.
   I love writing songs and music. It's like a release, my way of dealing with past issues that have impacted my life, Theropy if you will. I think everyone can relate to my songs in one way or another.  Check out Weathered Reign and you'll hear a few of the songs I have written like Lonely Man, Set Me Free and Hey Baby.
   I have done some part time work as a radio DJ, A country station, 104.5 WSLD out of Whitewater. Not my main area of listening or knowledge, but it's something I always wanted to do and love to do it. I have also dabbled a little in stand up comedy, but I haven't done either lately.  
   Well that's about all the blabbering I'll do for now. Thanks for the support! Click on the E-mail Icon to Contact me.

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