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Welcome one and all to the shrine that encompasses Helga G.Pataki's greatest obsession. Arnold! Helga has been in love with him for as long as love has had a meaning to her. Helga has always been my favorite character (Arnold is a very close second). So you may noticed a certain Helga slant to this site. I hope to have a well-rounded site with unique things related to Hey Arnold. So you will see some of my own Fan Fiction stories. (If you want to submit a story to be posted on the internet visit Gerald's Gateway of Tales and send it to the site's owner. There are also pictures I drew, and some other goodies to be found. Sign the guestbook if you haven't and if you feel the need click on the helga button seen on every page of this site to e-mail me.


March 19th 2001

Wow its been nearly a year since I left. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was handing parts out to the great sites out there. As you may have guessed I'm back! Grad school is half over and for the present time I seem to have enough time to start cranking out some new stories. I'll also need some help form you faithful fans out there because I'd like to know who is till out there and for some of you to post the news on the message board. For some reason I'm unable to post anything on the board. Oh yeah the final chapter of Journey into Tomorrow is being shown. It was and is being shown at Megawacky's page.

April 30th 2000

I have added a spiffy new The Great Zamboni fortune telling do-hickey! Hmmm I missed my one year anniversay. It was March 20th I believe. *sniff* thanks alot everyone for saying nothing! Heh anyway try out the Zamboni good stuff.

April 23rd 2000

You may notice some new things popping up around on this page. Don't mistake these for the page being back up again. I just had some time off during this Easter vacation to try some new things to change the look around for when I do come back. For all those who missed the Bartlett chat you missed an amazing experience. Alot of information was given out.

A special thanks to Craig Bartlett who had the patience to spend a hour and a half with us.

April 6th, 2000 Well this is it. Everythings been taken care of. The voice actor list has gone to its new home (with some very nice improvements too -I knew Kim was the right person to give it to.) The stories are all residing with Megawacky Max (I couldn't get onto his page but I's sure it's still up). This page though is going to sit here and collect dust until I am able to pick it back up again. I might see you all at the Craig Bartlett chat. No matter how busy I am I will always have time for a chat with Mr. Bartlett. *note* All the pages are being taken down as of right now except for this main page and the story page. THat way I can pick them back up when I come back. I might leave the car page up too cause I just love that packard. Oops and the news page. It will be good for reference for me.

March 1, 2000

This is it this is the end(for now and a while). The site will be closed at the end of march. Don't fear though. THose of you who like the stories can still find them now at Megawacky's site. (and I may update them-i will eventually). And those of you who liked the voice work site can now see it at The unofficial Hey Arnold site. But as a special treat to those who still come here go to my farewell note goodbye *sniff* It's been fun and I really do hope to come back eventually. But it may be a year or two before I am able.

Past News

The goodie bag formerly known as the Farewell note.


Well I have the first part of my first fanfic and hopefully it lives up to the great show.

Go to the fanfic page.


Go to the Fan Art page.

Here's are some real pics I found of the cars on "Hey Arnold".

> The Great Zamboni! can answer questions and forsee the future!


to all the great Hey Arnold pages out there.

*Note this has not updated since December 1999.

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This site is put up to honor the show Hey Arnold.It was not put up to make money off the hard work put into the show. It is not run by Snee-Osh, Nickelodeon , Viacom , Craig Bartlett or any other talented person who has worked on the show. Any other art, stories, or anything else is the property of me. (Heh so don't just take stuff without permission.)