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This is not an official website. If you would like to contact Shaun Scott, try the fan section at www.thebill.com

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Shaun Scott

This is a fan site dedicated to Detective Inspector Chris Deakin of the UK police drama The Bill.

DI Chris Deakin is played by actor Shaun Scott who has made several TV appearances including parts in Brass, Casualty and Bergerac. He has also had a successful career on stage where he once played a "demented landlord" in the musical Crazy for You.

To many of us, Sun Hill's DI Chris Deakin possesses something beyond the ordinary...........

It wasn't very long after joining Sun Hill you got a sense of him being a DI in-waiting, a role he previously held, he began as he meant to go on. His persistence and professional nouse has made him a respected member of C.I.D.

Able to work alongside his team, yet lead them at the same time. His ability to remain focused, even when under pressure, allows him to make split second decisions and take risks where others would not. Along with his perceptive knowledge of the criminal psyche, his exceptional and unrelenting interview technique usually gets a result. 

However, none of this would make Chris Deakin what he is without his personable approach, his brilliant wit and his ability to command attention. Deakin has class, charisma, stunning blue eyes and looks.


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