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12/9 Mingpao : Joyce's Car Damaged

Translation : Joyce's car damaged, but she is extremely happy as Marco is buying her a new car...Marco decided that a police report to be made and they did.

  09/9 AppleDaily : Marco & Joyce in Bad Luck

Translation : Marco & Joyce were said to be in bad luck. First Joyce's car got broken in. The car windows were smashed and all expensive stuff taken away....Marco promised to buy her a new car. Marco was on a live broadcasting interview...He said "Oh shit!" in response to a female actress's boasting that she is always picked for princess roles. By the way, that actress is Liang Ying Ying....When confronted by the host for using foul language, he replied that he meant "Oh sheet!"....

(Oh shit is so commonly used...Some people do not even see it as foul language)

Picture (I don't like this)

5/9 New voting booths are added at the Links Page. Please vote for him.

 14/8 AppleDaily : Marco's short comments on TVB's viewership (if u don't read Chinese, this report just shows his wits. He commented that it was not that TVB's viewership was low, but the viewership of ATV being high.