Everything You Always Wanted to Know About DEREK
(But Were Unsure What To Ask!)
I know...it's one bad title!  But hey, that's what this site is: all about ME!  From my early childhood experiences to my adventures in school, to my extraordinary job encounters and my numerous social acquaintances, to my struggles as a gay man and living in one place after another, something on here is sure to catch your eye.

Is there something on here you can relate to?  Sign my guestbook and let me know what's on your mind!

As this is a revamp of a previous site I had, I am still looking for lots of good ideas.  I always welcome your comments and suggestions.

Have fun, and surf responsibly!!!

Many thanks and much love,
Derek G. Strain
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I was an avid game show fan in the past and eventually decided to publicize that fact cyber-wide; in December 1999 I launched The Game Show Room, which I'm sure is self-explanatory.  But as time wore on, I found I had less and less time to maintain it.  I also wanted something appealing to a broader range of people.  Nevertheless, this is where it all began.  Click below to visit The Game Show Room, now more or less a historical document but still standing as a tribute to the game show fans who found their way to it, not to mention the handful of old friends it reunited me with (most stumbling onto it by accident!).