Frederick's Web Builder Tips


Hi! Is this your first time creating a website from scratch? It's not too difficult actually. But it can get pretty tricky sometimes. I'll tell you why.

Q: Have you come across a site that seems to take ages to download?

You most probably have. In fact, there can be many reasons. Some sites have so many image files (jpegs and gifs) on a single page such that it takes almost forever to download all of them. Another reason is the excessive use of JAVA APPLETS. Java applets often hang a browser, which is a surfer's nightmare. So, please refrain from using too many applets and tagging too many images.


Can you read this?

You probably cannot. If you can read what was written, stare longer and you will soon go blind. What I am trying to say here is, color combination is very important. It can either make or break a web site.


In fact, I have more web building tips to share with you. Remember to check back here more more tips!

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