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The Tribe's Shopping Mall

The Tribe's Shopping Mall

When this page began (way, way back...) there was a definite lack of pages devoted to The Tribe - Cloud 9's programme on how children deal with a futuristic world without adults, shown on Channel 5 (in the UK). This site aimed to change that, mainly by being a Tribe page, but also providing links to and hopefully inspiring other such pages and that has been achieved. It also aims to be "a bit different". Consider this site like the shopping mall in which the Mallrats live - containing lots of different things under one roof. All suggestions for improvements and additions gratefully received.

This website is now too popular for its own good! Sometimes it may be taken offline by the hosts, Geocities, as the bandwidth is being strained! Apologies for this. Thanks for all the hits though :)

If you have any ideas to add to this site, know of or maintain a Tribe site or just want to chat, please e-mail me. Please note: I do not work for Cloud 9 or TribeWorld.

If you like this site (or even if you didn't!) please sign the guestbook and leave your comments.

27th March 2004: Tribe actors in NZ feature film! Michelle Ang (Tai San), Lee Donoghue (Spike) and Bevin Linkhorn (Ned) have completed shooting Futile Attraction. More about the film here

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ENTERTAINMENT DEPT - How to get your hands on the Tribe album, Abe Messiah or Tribe VHS/DVDs Latest news concerning complete Series 2 released on 29/03/04

BOOKSHOP - Tribe inspired fan fiction

NEWSAGENT - Magazine articles on The Tribe:
Radio Times and TV Zone, New Zealand newspapers, New Zealand magazines
Megan Cassie gets married and Meryl (Ebony) is a bridesmaid

Alternative pictures of The Tribe cast
Pictures of the cast before they were in The Tribe

MAKE UP DEPARTMENT - How to get the Tribe look!

POST OFFICE - Send a Tribal Greeting

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The Tribe's Shopping MallThe Tribe's Shopping Mall
The Tribe's Shopping Mall The Tribe's Shopping Mall

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