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This series has it all: sex, murder and comedy. Within the well-written lines and characters are, I believe, stereotypical people. The hormonal, angst-ridden teenagers, the beautiful, got it all but bored housewife, the guilt ridden mother figure, the nosey neighbour (albeit deceased) and the mysterious good looking new arrival.

Does the audience see itself in any of the characters, and, if so, why is it so well received? Who did the programme makers intend the programme for in the first instance? As a small group of viewers ourselves, do we meet the intended demographic?

With news that a second series is planned, we, hopefully, will have more gripping viewing to watch.

As part of our group project in Research Skills we have compiled this website of short pieces about the television series 'Desperate Housewives', which we all share an interest in!

The site is constantly under construction; more to follow soon! - Caroline, Fiona, Monica, Mary & Pippa