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Get Naked with Kassie DePaiva
Kassie's long awaited CD Naked is now available to fans!

Kassie sings Naked from the heart and asks fans to
"listen with their hearts."

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Kassie's Appearances
Huntereon Hills Playhouse 
Perryville, New Jersey

Kassie will performing
with The Tim Gillis Band.
She will be performing on
April 2, 1pm/8pm shows,
April 22, 5:30 pm show,
May 26, 1pm show,
May 27, 5:30pm show.
Doors open at 11am
and 3:30 pm with Kassie's
shows beginning at 1 and 5:15
Call 1-800-447-7313 for more details.
In Kassie's Words...
Megan McTaviah
Exiting OLTL Head Writer:
The last year with Megan for me has been
better. I think she has written some really challengeing stuff for me and I think she has made it exciteing.
I wish her well on GH.

Gary Tomlin
New Executitive Producer OLTL
and  recent FALSE Rumors about
Kassie & James DePaiva leaving OLTL:

Jim and I couldn't be happier that Gary Tomlin is
back at OLTL  and we are very happy with the stories
we have been given to play.  We have no control over story.  If I had control ... Heck do you think I would have such a tough year for Blair?  Just because Todd and Blair didn't get married doesn't mean it's over for
the two of them and that Max and Blair will be
back together.  It's  classic soap opera and
I for one think it's great.

On Blair and Todd
I think T&B are a great soap couple. 
You want to watch and see what the two will do
next.  I enjoy the rich material I get to play because of the rich history.  I think the characters are very
powerful together.
Tonya's Q&A's with Kassie
We ask the questions fans are asking...
At Home With The DePaiva`s
Under The Deep Blue Sea
Most include pics
Bad News Blair
Fashion Bombshells
Scene Stealers
Fire With Fire
How Kassie Became Blair
I auditioned for it
totally knowing I was
wrong for the part ... but I
thought hey... I`ve got nothing
to lose.  I went in to the audition in Los Angelos and just had
fun. Three weeks later
I had the job.
Kassie`s Bio Our Blair Bio
Super Soap Weekend Area
James & Kassie DePaiva
Me(BlrsLf2Liv), Kassie, & Dawn
In 2000 Kassie & James DePaiva performed their new Duet,
Natural History
from Kassie's, new CD Naked.
In 1999 I got to be
Kassie DePaiva`s partner in
Walt Willey`s Super Spin Game  Show. 
My Super Soap Weekend Story
My Super Soap Weekend Pictures
Fan Encounters

Kassie DePaiva on Michael Storm
October 4, 2000

"Michael Stormis probably one
of the nicest people I know.  And he's one
of the funniest too. He is so much fun to work with, and forget it if Phil Carey and him are in the same scene... He is the only one that can
really make Phil laugh.  You talk about contributing to the rich history of
OLTL. He`s special!,"
Fan Encounters
One Life To Live Fan Luncheon
May 7, 2000
One Life To Live
Fan Club Luncheon Story

Courtsey of Beadseeker
One Life To Live  Fan Club Luncheon Pics
Courtsey of My2Kidz
Kassie says "HI"
Round-up Question:
What would people be surprised to know about your co-star?

Gina Tognoni
That Kassie DePaiva (Blair)
is an amazing artist. She has an
incredible way with watercolors, and she an incredible painter. She even does a
lot of stuff with pottery."
Kassie Replies (7/13/00):
I've been painting since I was a little girl. And I still love to do it.
But I really don't have that much "sit down" time.
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