Fantasy/Gobrianna's Maze of Mass Hysteria!!

Welcome to something a little . . . weird. What else were you expecting from a girl who enjoys such strange television shows as The X-Files, Star Trek, Pokémon, and likes video games with names like Resident Evil? ^_^ Anyway, this maze is for people who have nothing better to do on the Internet, and thought they might like to delve into the a truly terrifying place: my mind! AHHH!

To weave through this maze you'll have to have some knowledge about all the things that I enjoy...or you can just give it a wild guess! Either way, this ought to be fun! I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I did making it. If you can make it to the ending, you'll find a banner proclaiming your victory that you can put on your site, plus a secret guestbook that only conquerors of the maze can sign! Maybe something else as well, if I can think of anything....

Oh, and giving credit where credit is due, this wasn't exactly my original idea. I first found a maze like this from a site called Dancing into the Dragon's Den. Please check out this awesome sight, and try to find your way through The Cave of the Beast! Note to the maker of that website: Sorry for stealing your idea, but it was so good!

Anyway, I'm sure you've had your fill of listening to me babble on, and want to enter. Here goes! Good luck.

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