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August 1, 1999- The first day my new page has been up. I added all the past fanfiction I wrote plus the next part in the "Empty Spaces Series" called "The Trial" is up. Whenever I have finished writing new fanfiction I'll put it up on this page.

August 17, 1999- Forgot to put down that I updated. Added a new story called "Hidden Scars."

August 31, 1999- Got nominated for the 1999 Creeker's Choice Awards! Thank you to everyone who voted for me!

September 17, 1999- Finished the next part of the "Hidden Scars" Series that is called Razors. I've been working on the next part of the "Empty Spaces" Series and hope to finish it soon.

December 27, 1999- Finished the next part of the "Empty Spaces" Series. Thanks for everybody's continual support! Oh, and my website won an award. Finally am going to put it up on the site.

August 30, 2000- Added the next part of the "Hidden Scars" series. It took me a long time to get up the courage to post this part. Sorry to everyone who e-mailed me, I had forgotten to change my address. If I didn't reply to your e-mail, that was why.


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Empty Spaces Series

Pacey is hiding a terrible secret from his friends. What will it take to send his life in a down-spiral?

Desire Series

What happens after Dawson and Joey break up, and Joey ends up still having feelings for Dawson? Dawson and Jen are getting closer as friends, which makes Joey jealous.

Death Series

Set at the beginning of the second season. Dawson and Joey have broken up over a misunderstanding. To what measures will a depressed Dawson go?

Hidden Scars

How will Andie cope when she catches Pacey dancing with Kristy Livingstone? What secret of Andie's will be revealed?


Andie continues to struggle with her problem. What happens when she's almost caught?


Andie has a flashback during an intimate moment with Pacey.

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