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04/28/02 - HI!!! Vivien here. I am temporarily "closing" this site because I'm moving it to another space. The fanfics are going to be deleted from Geocities. Tracy won't be updating this anymore. I'm taking over for a while and see if I can manage it. You can e-mail her or me about this site--T's at and I'm at Hope to see you again soon!

11/09/00 - Hi all. Sorry, still no updates. I just do not have the time to do it. But I have a pretty good temporary solution, but it may not be SO temporary. Authors, post your new chapters on my GH Fanfiction Message Board. The posts will NOT disappear after a few days like at Soapzone. How's that sound? I may have a few minutes today to post some of the older chapters that I still have on the board, but if I don't get the chance, go ahead and post it yourself!


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Jax & Alexis
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