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Popular is one of the WB's many new additions to its line-up this fall season. Because the show is new, it is virtually impossible to find information about it on the web. I want this site to basically be a Popular free-for-all. The Message Boards should allow everyone to say their piece. Also, there is also some information on the cast and I plan to do episode recaps for anyone who misses a show. So, why Popular? Well, at first glance, it may seem like just another WB show for teenagers about beautiful teens agonizing over their oh-so-traumatic lives. And guess what? That's almost exactly what it is. Sam McPherson is smart, she's pretty, but she's not so popular. Brooke McQueen has no worries; she's head cheerleader, dating the star quarterback, and appears to have the perfect life. But things are not at all what they seem for these two or any of their friends. When Brooke and Sam's parents meet on a cruise they... you see where this is going, don't you? Yep, the 'rents are getting married. So Brooke and Sam are going to have to learn to get along in spite of their opposite locations on the high school social spectrum. The thing is, what's hidden behind all this predictability are some smart storylines, a good cast, and a whole bunch of truly funny one-liners. So have fun finding out more and sharing your thoughts about the show.

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