Friends Scripts

These scripts are not the original scripts and are only transcribed. I'd like to make a special thanks to Eric Aasen of CFSIfor the following scripts.


101 TOW Monica gets a new roommate:
102 TOW The sonogram:
103 TOW The Thumb:
104 TOW George Stephanopolous:
105 TOW The East German detergent:
106 TOW The butt:
107 TOW The blackout:
108 TOW Nana dies twice:
109 TOW The underdog gets away:
110 TOW The Monkey:
111 TOW Mrs Bing:
112 TOW The dozen lasagnes:
113 TOW The boobies:
114 TOW The Candy Hearts:
115 TOW The stoned guy:
116 TOW The two parts, Part 1:
117 TOW The two parts, Part 2:
118 TOW All the poker:
119 TOW The Monkey gets away:
120 TOW The evil orthodontist:
121 TOW The fake Monica:
122 TOW The Ick factor:
123 TOW The birth:
124 TOW Rachel finds out:


201 TOW Ross's new girlfriend:
202 TOW The breast milk:
203 TOW Mr Heckles dies:
204 TOW Pheobe's husband:
205 TOW Five steaks and an eggplant:
206 TOW The baby on the bus:
207 TOW Ross finds out:
208 TOW The list:
209 TOW Pheobe's dad:
210 TOW Russ:
211 TOW The lesbian wedding:
212 TO after the superbowl:
214 TOW The prom video:
215 TOW Rachel and Ross... you know:
216 TOW Joey moves out:
217 TOW Eddie moves in:
218 TOW Dr Remore dies:
219 TOW Eddie won't move out:
220 TOW Old yeller dies:
221 TOW The two bullies:
222 TOW The two parties:
223 TOW The chicken pox:
224 TOW Barry and Mindy's wedding:


301 TOW The princess Leia fantasy:
302 TOW No one's ready:
303 TOW The jam:
304 TOW The metaphorical tunnel:
305 TOW Frank Jr.:
306 TOW The flashback:
307 TOW The race car bed:
308 TOW The giant poking device:
309 TOW The football:
310 TOW Rachel quits:
311 TOW Chandler can't remember which sister:
312 TOW All the jealousy:
313 TOW Monica and Richard are friends:
314 TOW Pheobe's ex partner:
315 TOW Ross and Rachel take a break:
316 TOW The morning after:
317 TOW The ski trip:
318 TOW Hypnosis tape:
319 TOW The tiny T-shirt:
320 TOW The Dollhouse:
321 TOW The chick and the duck:
322 TOW The screamer:
323 TOW Ross's thing:
324 TOW The Ultimate fighting champion:
325 TO At the beach:


401 TOW The jellyfish:
402 TOW The cat:
403 TOW The Cuffs:
404 TOW The ballroom dancing:
405 TOW Joey's new girlfriend:
406 TOW The Dirty girl:
407 TOW Chandler crosses a line:
408 TOW Chandler in a box:
409 TOW They're gonna PARTY!!:
410 TOW The girl from Poughkeepsie:
411 TOW Pheobe's uterus:
412 TOW The Embryos:
413 TOW Rachel's crush:
414 TOW Joey's dirty day:
415 TOW All the rugby:
416 TOW The fake party:
417 TOW The free porn:
418 TOW Rachel's new dress:
419 TOW All the haste:
420 TOW The All the wedding dresses:
421 TOW The invitation:
422 TOW The worst best man ever:
423 TOW Ross's wedding part one and two:


501 TOW Ross says Rachel:
502 TOW All the kissing:
503 TOW One Hundredth:
504 TOW Pheobe hates PBS:
505 TOW All the kips:
506 TOW The Yeti:
507 TOW Ross moves in:
508 TOW The Thanksgiving flashbacks:
509 TOW Ross's Sandwich:
510 TOW Inappropriate sister:
511 TOW All the resolutions:
512 TOW Chandler's Work laugh:
513 TOW All Joey's bag:
514 TOW Everyone finds out:
515 TOW The girl who hits Joey:
516 TOW The Cop:
517 TOW Rachel's inadvertant kiss:
518 TOW Rachel Smokes:
519 TOW Ross can't flirt:
520 TOW The Ride Along:
521 TOW The Ball:
522 TOW Joey's big Break:
523 - Season Finale - The One In Vegas:

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