S E A N S U L L I V A N 4 P R E Z      I L O V E  T U R T A L      S A M M Y ' S  S T I L L  C O O L
It's not just that Marvin Gaye was the greatest singer ever.  It's that second best is so far behind. - Scoop Jackson
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120604 • The Blogs Of War

New "So Angry List" entry:

2. Discussing alternative options for this years cottage trip.  Shaun suggests we hit the Caribbean.  I ask if there's a place we can go for the same price as last years cottage: $250, to which he replied: "FUCK CHIN!!  I'LL JUST SUBSIDIZE YOUR CHEAP ASS!!!"  Geez Shaun, I was just asking...

So now the blog has replaced the website.  Heer's ours:





The Natty's



Okay, so maybe I finally got a list I can call my own!  There was the original punk list which spawned one off by Rob F (RIP) and Al.  Jon had his arrogance list and Chris had his voodoo zen list.  Me?  Well, last night we watched the game at Jon's house which made me realize that we's a bunch of knee jerkin' angry mofo's!  ("What's a mofo?"  op!)  So my list?  Well, I present to you: The "So Angry List"

1. Discussing our VGM season and how Kev is in last place.  Cathy says "but I thought he plays the hard core VGM."  Al: "Doesn't mean he's good!

Geez Al, Much anger I sense in you!  Sure this list will be full of AI/Cathy/Beth quotes, but I'm sure other people'll fill it up!

112204 • Word used the most this past week: “FUCK”
”Aw man, that’s fucked up!” - Okay, so last last Saturday, ODB passes away.  Had the Osirus’ shit on rotation the whole week and realized that we’re not going to heer him yell all sorts of shit no more.  No more 5%er screams of “THE BLACK MAN IS GOD!”  No more tracks titled “Taking A Shit.”  No more stories of him running from the cops, mysteriously showing up at a Wu show, quickly leaving before he could get caught, then being arrested up at a McDonald’s for signing autographs.  No more bum rushing the stage with his legendary speeches:

Please calm down.  I went and bought me an outfit today that cost me a lot of money, because I figured that Wu-Tang was gonna win.  I don’t know how you all see it, but when it comes to the children, Wu-Tang is for the children.  We teach the children.  Puffy is good, but Wu-Tang is the best.  I want you all to know that this is ODB, and I love you all, peace

I know I’m not the only one who’s going to miss his “dispositions,” laugh…. >sigh<

“What was that guy fuckin’ thinking!?” – So the Vibe awards were last Monday.  Some guy comes up and punches Dr. Dre in the face…. allegedly.  So what happens?  G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-G-UNIT!!!  Yo, I give them so much props now.  From this video I got from MTV.com you can see 50 and Buck going to work!  Both are in the grey sweat suits and black ball caps, but Buck’s got a white logo on his.   You see Buck stab the guy and 50 stomp his ass!  You know Dre’s gonna lace YB with some hot beats now!  And as for Young’s mug shot, well, he kinda looks sad, but I think he’s gangsta!  Plus if Monica and he were still going out, then they could do a real version of that jail song…

But anyways, what was that guy thinking?  Maybe Suge bribed him or something, but a punch?  C’mon man.  You have to know that there’s gonna be retaliation!  But a punch?  A fucking punch?!?

“WTF?!” – My reaction to Cathy’s little mention of a conversation she had with Ruby:

Cathy: “Ruby called and said ‘You’re coming right?’  I don’t want to be go on this date alone’”

Laugh, well Rubes, if it’s a date, I guess I should head to the store, pick up some daisies and a heart shaped box of chocolates.    Laugh… Geez Rubes, what’re you scared of?  >all singy< See you on Monday!

“FUCK!” – Pay $25 to see the Raps lose on Friday night versus Jesus Shuttlesworth and the SuperSonics.

“HOLY FUCK!!!” – So Detroit *IS* full of hooligans!  I now believe those old stories of traveling through Detroit at night and seeing crazy acts of mass thuggary!  It’s really is just like that movie “Harold and Kumar” (NPH4Life!!!)  Anyways, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, long story short: crazy basketball player runs into the crowd after being hit by a drink and starts beating down random fans.  Ever seen someone take a shit in their pants before?  No?  Just take a look at this fan.  He was cheering for the accurate lob of a cup onto the chest of Crazy Ron Artest… until Ronnie charges into the stands.  That smile turns into this:

I swear you can see him thinking: “OH SHIT!!!” >bowls loosen<

But by far the following clip is the greatest punch I’ve ever seen in a basketball game.  Usually “fights” in the league consist of two players jawing at one another.  Chest to chest, waiting for their team mates to come and “hold them back.”  Nothing substantial.  But this, this is crazy!

You can see Jermaine O’Neil, literally flying in from the right side, performing some sort of ninja/Mortal Kombat: “Finish Him!” Move/Street Fighter II: M.Bison punch move (which is UNBLOCKABLE!)!!  I’ve seen this over and over and over again, and the only thing I can think of is: “POW!!!  That guy got owned!  JO is the wins the MVP.  Most Vicious Punch!  Anyways, I got some good video.  If you need, I’ll hook you up.  Just get at me.



“Who the fuck is this?” – So The Natty’s little birthday shindig thing was on Saturday.   This white guy came in a suit jacket (which Shaun had an exception with.  Said Shaun: “It looks old manish.”)  OP!  Anyways, we went to the newly renovated (allegedly) My Apartment. I got two words: Gwy.  Low.  Like wow!  Anyways, it was okay.  The DJ sets were pretty wack.  Its pretty much some college Frosh CD hits that Al would enjoy.  Anyways, my theory still holds true.  The two songs they love are: “Jump Around” by House of Pain and DJ EZ Rock and Rob Base’s “It Takes Two.”  Gat damn!  Look at their unrhythmatic dancing!  They love it!  Just like the encyclopaedia said!

WAR Keeping it real with Geocities.  JEERS to Geocities CBing video sendage.


 012604 • Update!  Update!  Update!!!
As the god Rakim said "It's been a long time, sorry I kept you."  Finally an update.  And what's an update without punkage?  Here are the official Team Indecision results from 2003's Spring Run-Off 8K Run:


Official Time

Pace km

 Chip Time




 Gender Place / Total

Category Place / Total











Men 20 - 24






The Dooch




Men 20 - 24










Men 20 - 24










Men 25 - 29










Men 20 - 24










Women 20 - 24










Team ID Dinner Sponsor

Break down for this years race?  Well, the field has increased by a substantial amount.  First off is the anticipated entry of TeamID's ultimate runner: Sara "nutrition runs with the wind" Milne.  Since this is her type of event, her smack is highly anticipated.  But will her god given abilities be enough to hold down last years TeamID leader Chris Corceiga? LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Sara Milne has decided to opt out of this year's race.  Shocking!!!  Another new addition is A.I.  Last years scandal revolved around his missing participation in the event.  So far, his name appears on the confirmation list, but will he actually show?  We'll have to wait until April 3rd to find out.  CN Tower Climb veteran Ruby H is another new comer.  Will she be able to parlay her stair climbing abilities to an 8K race?  Finally, we have The Natty.  Her disadvantage: she's associated with Shaun.  Her advantage: >shrug<  LAST MINUTE UPDATE 2: It looks like the pressures and stress of working at the Pottery Barn has taken its toll on the young The Natty.  Hope she enjoys Cuba... As for last years competitors, the goat and last years dinner sponsor Shaun J has a lot to prove.  Can his pride not only force him to finish the race, but not finish last?  Or will this year cement the annual TeamID race as the "Shaun J Dash and Dine "???  LAST MINUTE UPDATE 3: Joined with The Natty where his 'breathing techniques' (and multi-coloured penis) are butter suited.  Can Cathy keep Shaun down?  Will her her investment in a personal trainer pay off?  She was able to prove many disbelievers wrong last year.  Maybe she can do it again for the second straight year.  Rest of the field: Al, Jon, The Dooch LAST MINUTE UPDATE 4: At the last hour, has not yet registered.  An on and off commitment.  Will he be there represent for the Milne camp? and yours truly.  Mix bag?  Can anyone predict the outcome?  Each armed with personal techniques to extra power - music, anger, et al - what will the results be?  We'll find out on April 3rd.

062202 • A
I know I gotta be patient, but really, where's the "Bye, I love you!" punkage???

052702 • Anger leads to hate, hate leads to...(Yoda appreciation update)
Well, the very first basket ball game of the 2k2 season has finished.  Most notables:

  • great court.  Rims should always be that unforgiving.  Shot slightly off?  Your ass just got Clint Eastwood'd
  • e'ryone missing gimmie shots.  Damn, must've been long ass off season - no wait, we can never hit them shots
  • P-Mac, your display of your "game" yesterday... sorry, I don't see what you're complaining about.  You make a fine number two.  Do or do not, there is no try.
  • dammit, where is Dr. T when you need him?  He could have corrected J's foot "problem" on the scene. >shudder<
  • Lugs?  What were you thinking Al?
  • most of all, when Chris blocked me (I give props where props is due and I'll give it up to him), I was pretty angry.  Some would even say pissed.  But not just cuz I got blocked (props) but cuz of all these other voices I kept hearing.  Some acceptable "Nice block" or "Oh punk".  But then I started hearing ish like "Someone's face is getting red..."  Good thing I kept certain phrases that were in my head -well, in my head.  Consisting of words such as up.  And the, and shut and hell.  Except with more f-bombs.  Anyway, if one thing I learned, its "Control, control. You must learn control."

Fixed link to Chris' page.  Don't blame me if his links don't work... A printing at the request of Anthony:

Cultural misunderstandings about Korean students and parents
Multicultural, Settlement & Education Partnership (MSEP)

1. Most Korean students are reluctant to look straight into teacher's eye when they have conversation.  Old tradition say that if you look straight into the speaker's eye, especially teacher or authority figure, you are rude.  Particularly, when disciplined.  "Head-down" is generally a sign of regret, remorse, or accepting the consequences, while looking straight into the speaker's eye is interpreted as a sign of defiance.

2. In a class activity, Korean students tend to be less verbal or "spontaneous," particularly at the secondary and college levels.  But this is not necessarily a sign of non-study, ignorance of subject content or uncooperativeness.  It is partly due to an emphasized value of humility and partly due to lacking of confidence of English facility.

3. Being "spotlighted" in a negative sense in a group situation, particularly at the secondary school level may bring about an overwhelming sense of shame.  It is best to counsel individually after class.  If Korean student lose his or her face in a group situation, that student think one's dignity is lost.

4. Korean students tent to like structured group approaches with clear directions and expectations and demands.  "Free time," "free school," or "Summerhill ideas" would not be widely appreciated.  They are not accustoming to this kind of unstructured, explorative learning.

5. Much homework is expected, especially by parents

6. Calling an adult, particularly between "strangers", by the first name may make the person "uneasy" at best.  The American sense of "informality" or "friendliness" associated with first name using amy not be well understood particularly by Korean parents.

7. Burping, sneezing, or an accidental body touch may not be immediately followed by an automatic "Excuse me!" though these are not universally viewed as "good manners" when done in public.

112801 • Mirror mirror
Eff it!  Chin be semaphisticated?  Sucka please!  I'm going back to being good ol' immature Chin of old.  I'll continue to:

  • entice under aged high school girls with my cell fone, keys and wallet
  • teach other drivers lessons should they upset me
  • come up with zany schemes against my neighbors
  • play with as many peripherals on my computer as I want.  Dammit, a steering wheel and pedals make race car sims so so real!
  • play video games vs my younger sibling and mock them accordingly when they lose
  • keep naked pictures of girls I know on my computer
  • ogle at girls' bresassits as the pass me by ("damn girl!")
  • make fun of gay people.  It makes me more masculine that way!
  • fake illness should I forget/ignore my school work
  • enjoy music targeted to pre-teens.  Dammit, I enjoy that song Sugar Pop!  Especially the end where Jus Tim does the pop locking and beat boxing.  Buffy would be damn proud!

So bring on the Coalition for free punkage, I got money to spend and I'm gonna pay extra to get extra!  Give me my extra dammit!  There's a party at my place and everyone's invited (except for Andry.  Sorry Al).  Its my party and I'll drink if I want to... And no, I'm not down with a DC New Years neiver.

112701 • Chin: "Imma get Semaphisticated!"

Yeah I guess it's ok, at least the TV case didn't break although it did
take quite a while to clean the spilled water, bottles, and garbage
floating in the water. Thanks for telling me about the pizza sauce on the
bed sheets two days after. Very responsible. Not to mention taking the
dolls (which were actually part of the hotel room, not mine) out of the
Chip Bags, and cleaning the oil, chip crumbs off them because they charge
you $20 for each one if you keep/damage them.

Not all of you.. but some of you seriously have to fucking grow up. We're
not 17 anymore. And no. It's not jokes. The only joke.. is.. well you
figure it out..

I'm not sure who forwarded or brought the New Years plans earlier, but I've
already seen a preview. Thanks but I'll pass on a DreamCast New Years.

Best Regards,
Shaun Sequeira

You know what?  Shaun is absolutely right!  I mean, totally correct!  The niggas on point and Imma give him props right now.  We do have to grow up!  I'm not 15 no more!  As such, Imma completely change my ways.  Everything.  EVERYTHING!  I'm serious.  It's time for a chage.  Imma get so sophisticated and mature.  Just like Shaun - no, MORE mature than Shaun.  Therefore, Imma put some changes up in here:

1) Effa Coalition f' Free Punkage.  That shit is childish.  Punkage?  What?  Am I still in high school?
2) No 'mo buttah baby!  Strickly Parkay fer Chin-riquez Benitez - sucks cuz Shaun reminded me of another reason why Butter is Butter; the "Remember when we were in OAC and we went on the retreat and tricked our math teacher Mr. Lawson into eating a scoop of butter when he though it was a scoop of ice cream" story.  Oh well...
3) There shall no longer be any "slang" on this page or uttered from my lips.  Therefore the first two points must be rewritten in order to adhere to the new rules

1) I will no longer be a part of the "Coalition for Free Punkage".  Such immature behavior is unacceptable.
2) I will no longer be consuming any butter or butter related products.  Margarine only.
4) I am now to be addressed by my legal name, Christopher Maningas.  That was the name I was given. Not "Chin".  Nicknames have no place for mature individuals.
5) Everything that has been associated with high school must be cut off.  That includes (but is not exclusive to):

  •  Punkage - shredding (it is more mature than simply burning) of all hard copies of the original punk list and punk list related material (such as Mails from Shaun and Jason G.)
  • Photos - photographic pictures of traffic signs, signs of conduct, interaction with animals and/or local authorities, eating contests
  • Friends - for the mature person, friends are no longer needed.  Strictly associates.  And only associates who can add to my professional and/or financial wealth.  Associates will not be determined by the quality of the person.
  • Catch phrases - Mature people do not shout out catch phrases.  "Who wants to go home?", "Oh Punk", That's such a punk!" shall no longer be uttered.
  • No joking around - I will not be getting a good "job", or "paying extra".  Mature people do not have fun.

6) Profanity will now be used extremely sparingly.  They will only be used to emphasize a point.
7) The consumption of alcohol will no longer be required with the exception of Champagne (and only real Champagne from the Champagne region of France) for special occasions, wine with quite dinners (especially those from the New World or as fashion dictates).  The consumption of beer will no longer be required since the viewing of...
8) Professional sports will no longer be followed.  Refined persons do not need to watch such immature, barbaric "competition".  All imitations, nick names and mockeries of players will therefore be stopped.
9) Clothing will now be purchased from the following stores: Tip Top.  All other clothes will be given away because mature people help each other.
10) The deconstruction of this web page.  I will be removing all of my concert reviews and audio files.  But I will allow faithful readers to enjoy them one last time.
11) In its place I will be updating adult, more sophisticated material.  The next update will show these changes by offering mutual fund tips.
12) Reponsibility with money.  Should I win Super 7 or any other lottery, no fancy trips or condominiums will be given away.  Instead, RRSP and various stocks and bonds.

This may seem like a lot, but its just the tip of the iceburg.  I know that this is a work in progress and I realize it will be difficult for me to change, but as a mature person, I'll be able to work through it.

Striking terror on immature fuckers - Osama Chin Laden
Assisting each other becoming more mature: Christopher Maningas

*defined by a quite gathering in which formal wear is required.

102901 • Not No Parkay, Not No Margarine, Strictly Butter!
With Halloween just around the corner, here are some failed costumes I'd thought I'd go as...
Doo-Chin:  I'd put on some nerd glasses, put a pair of Nerdferatu fangs on and start air punching people and say: "What's up....>punch< Jon?"
Osama Chin Laden: I'd go, but then I'd get some serious beat downs! ... More MJ ... and 19 reasons why I love butter:

19. Butter is butter (better)
18. Butter yields a moister product when baking
17. Trans fatty acids originating from the partially hydrogenated vegetable oils contained in margarine.  High levels of trans fats have been shown to elevate low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, which could increase heart disease risks (and how!)
16. Butter and sugar sangwhiches
15. I am NOT a savage!
14. Butter contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which gives excellent protection against cancer (esp colon cancer.  Oy!)
13. but·ter (btr)  • adj.  good, very nice.  example: that's butter!
12. I ain't never heard of no Margarine cookies!
11. If you imitate churning butter, it kinda looks like a double fisted "Ghettooooooooooooooooooooo!!!"
10. Butter is rich in trace minerals, especially selenium, a powerful antioxidant. (and who couldn't use more selenium?  Broken people could always use more antioxidants instead of popping pills!  damn pill poppers...)
9. Butterscotch
8. Peanutbutter Wolf
7. Butter supplies iodine, needed by the thyroid gland (as well as vitamin A, also needed by the thyroid gland).
6. Butter colour when cooking - sort of like Shaun, except not as brown.  Only margarine makes food brown like Shaun and I ain't down with no Shaun coloured food!
5. "A croissant made out of margarine!?!  Do you know who I am!?!" - Cathy
4. Dell Curry's shot is smooth as-
3. T-Mers arms are as smooth as-
2. I am NOT a barbarian!
1. A Tribe Called Quest's 4th Track on Low End Theory: Butter (that's the jawn right there!  its butter baby! )

And a word from Al:
Tickets for the Toronto Raptors 2001-2002 Regular Season

Who Goes When

Sunday Dec 9, 2001
Raptors vs. Suns

Sunday Jan 13, 2002
Raptors vs. Clippers

Friday, Jan 25, 2002
Raptors vs. Timberwolves




Friday, Mar 1, 2002
Raptors vs. Trailblazers

Sunday, Feb 17, 2002
Raptors vs. Bucks

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2002
Raptors vs. Hornets




Who Pays What






























*Please Note: Tickets will only be distributed upon payment in full. Cheques, credit cards, money orders, and Interac™ are not accepted. Dirty sexual favours and/or cash only. Prices include all taxes and gratuities, and are subject to change without notice. Owner cannot reserves the right to refuse sale or anal penetration at any time. Not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or vandalized penises. Owner is not responsible for any injuries incurred during LeatherBall: Erotic Goan Exploration. Refunds, exchanges and bargaining are strictly prohibited and are punishable by Jon tea bagging. Shoplifters will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Nudity (especially during the "6-hour mark") is cause for Al's ejaculation. 

That's butter baby!

012301 • Darts
Reasons why Aaliyah will always Love Me, why Prince is so damn Mellow and Heaven Can Wait for Jacko's LP, but I can't.  And the most funamust websites i go to cuz they be funner than anythang:
http://www.riaa.com  -  whoa!  28 times platinum!
http://www.willing-to-try.com - funny!

101101 • My Name is Imad and No, I Will NOT Put The Knife Down!
Re: The All Stars Tribute's  What's Going On?

 10 Ways To Fuck Up any Marvin Gaye Song

1) Think about doing a cover of ANY Marvin Gaye song (that shit should be untouchable like Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro, Charles  Martin Smith or Andy Garcia!)
2) Choose 'What's Going On?'  Why are they fucking with perfection?
3) Have that fucking midget J.D. at the boards
4) Have Puffy all over the background with his "Whoo!'s" and "Ugh!'s"
5) Having misc. Backstreet/N'Sync Boys in the song and video (please please  PLEASE stop "singing" with your eyes closed!  You're not fooling anyone when you try to put "feeling" into your part)
6) Letting Nas drop some wack verse when he should be eating Jigga's ass
7) Letting Nelly/Eve/Nelly Retardo/Ja Rule drop some wack verses when they  should be concentrating on working on your sports themed outfits/how to get more joints with Dre put out/how to get more joints with Tim put out/continuing with your bad Tupac impersonation
8) No Jacko to be found! (what's up with that?  He's good enough for "We  Are The World" and he's not good enough for this?  In fact, why don't they  just redo that damn song?)
9) Might as well let
Cuba redo his scene from "Jerry McGuire." He can sing  the chorus...
10) If this is an all-star group, where's Eminem/Elton John/J-Lo/Usher/Diana  Krall/Disturbed/Slipknot/Sum 41/Trick Daddy/Will Smith/Weezer/Fuel/Kenny  Chesney/Uncle Kraker/Lobo/Bread/B.T.O./Paul Simon/Tupac(a lost but recently  found, unreleased session of course)/Dixie Chicks/Fat Boy Slim/Korn etc etc etc...
Best reason of all:  Why the fuck is Limp Bizkit on my TV screen!?!  I know he's not in  this video.  Fred Durst on a fucking Marvin Gaye cover?!  "What's Going  On"!?!  Isn't this the same fool who told them stoopid knuckle heads to  start breaking shit at
Woodstock?  If I see him walking down the street, I'm going to fight him.  The genius behind this must be a real  Bono-r!!!

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