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It's My Baby Too
I just don't understand
This wasn't in our plans
It happened to soon
I just did not expect
To be a father yet
And now I'm confused
Wish there was something that I could say
I don't want you to cry
Whatever happens I'm here to stay
Although there's two of us
It's your descision

I can't tell you
What to do
I still love you
Whatever you choose
Just remember
Girl it's my baby too

Don't think your all alone
I'd never let you go
Through it all by yourself
Yes, this could change our lives
We'd have to sacrifice
For somebody else
I know it's hard to imagine now
Just give it some time
And even though we may not see how
A whole new kind of love
Might just be waiting

Chorus (2x)

Eyes will be blue
Like mine, like mine
Hair will be soft
So fine
A part of you and I
I really want this child

Chorus (2x)
Heart On The Line
In spite of my reservations
I threw caution to the wind
You were my temptation
Was I just anotherr fool who gave in?
True love can last forever
Oh we all know the story well
But my eyes were truly blinded
What I thought was mine
Belonged to someone else

My worlds changing
And it's hard to follow
The lights are fading
And I can't look back
I'm hanging on
But I'm running out of time
Baby, don't you know I
Put my heart on the line

Do you remember how we started?
We were lovers in the rain
Now here I am broken hearted
I've only got myself to blae


I won't give up
My search for love
Can you hear anything I'm saying?
Can you feel anything I'm feeling?


And I can't look back
Can't wait any longer
Gotta leace it all behind
baby don't you know I put my heart on the line
Gotta say gooodbye