I must tell that I have no Problem with giving away pictures. Take them, who's gonna stop you. But at least link to my page or give the source you know, I'd appreciate that. Some images here are adjusted by me to erase out needles logos, writings, etc. Some are not adjusted so as not to drop the quality of the scan. Anyway enjoy it. Recents at bottom.
Weapon X Fleer X-men Ultra 96:  Wolverine right after the adamantium bonding process.(Adam Kubert)
Wolverine Fleer Ultra X-Men 94:  (Painting by Glenn Fabry).
Wolverine Marvel Metal series 95:  Limited edition subset.(Darick Robertson)
Wolverine Marvel Masterpieces 95: (Tim & Greg Hildebrandt Bros).
Logan X-Men Animated Series:  (ilke "X-Man" Altin).
Wolverine Wizard the Guide to Comics cover: Look closer to see Mystique's guts spilled all over
Wolverine versus Juggernaut: From Wolverine #93.(Adam Kubert)
Wolverine vs Sabretooth: HOWWWWLLLLL! (Mark Texeira).
Feral Wolverine mug shot: (Adam Kubert).
Logan & Captain America:
Wolverine vs Cyber: Broken bone claws. Ouch!
Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike: Watch out for those deadly talons Wolvie!
L'il Wolvie: (ilke X-Man Altin)
Wolverine Fleer Ultra X-Men 96: Signed by Adam Kubert
Wolverine and Mariko:
Wolverine Marvel 92: (Marc Silvestri, I guess)
Feral Wolverine: (Joe Maduriera)
AOA Wolverine Flee Ultra X-Men 97:
Wolverine with his new costume together with the bandana: (Adam Kubert)
Wolverine coming right at you: (Dave Dorman)
Wolverine & his skull: You know like the famous semi masked Spidey pose.
Wolverine & Spider-Man Spider-Man Series 1: (Mark Bagley, yayyy!)
Cover of the GraphicNovel "Weapon X": A must have I'll say.
Wolverine & Spider-Man: This time on the back Marvel OverPower game cards.
Wolverine aimed: Operation Zero Tolerance got eyes on Wolvie.
Wolverine Fleer Marvel Annual 95:
Wolverine gives the last chance: From #110.(Joe Bennett)
Woahhh!Wher's my raw meat: From #99.(Val Semeiks)
"..Or Cut 'Em": From #99.(Val Semeiks)
Wolvie perking on a lumber: From #91.(Duncan Rouleau).
Wolvie vs Slayback: From Wolverine Annual '95.(Ben Herrera)
Ticket to trauma town: From ish '95.(Adam Kubert)
Cover of Wolverine 102 1/2: A special ace edition given by mail order from American Entertainment.(Boris Vallejo)
Wolverine Lethal Weapon: Fleer Ultra X-Men '96, Lethal Weapons subset.(Andy Kubert)
Wolverine in the woods: (Jim Lee)
Cover for Wizard 73: B/W.(Carlos Pacheco)
Screen shot: From the X-Men Children of the Atom Game.
Wolverine water colours: Wolvie in Fleer X-Men Ultra '97 card.
Wolvie vs Venom: Ooooh!(St.Pierre)
Wolverine&Witchblade: Limited cover.(Marc Silvestri)
Toon Wolvie: Cute! by...I forgot another Wolvie fan.if you know him tell me his URL or e-mail.
Wolverine card:
Wolverine unleashes da claws:
Wolvie chomps a cigar: (Joe Maduriera)
 Xavier Protocols on Wolvie: How do you rid of a crazed little man?
Wolverine jumps atcha: From the cover of UXM #329.(Joe Maduriera)
Wolverine ASCII art: I Think this is a bmp converted one but maybe you'll like it and put it in your mails or something.
Wolverine against a tickled bear: Fleer Marvel Masterpieces '95.(Nelson)
Wolverine next to Deathblow: From a promo piece for Wolverine&Deathblow.Will crop 'blow out soon.
Darkclaw: From the cover of DarkClaw Adventures.
Darkclaw: This time on Wizard 69.
Wolverine & Zealot: Cover reproduction for WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Dark Age (Mat Broome)
Wolverine in Days of Future past: Wolvie in a new suit in the DOFP '98.(Joe Bennett) Darkclaw:Cover of Legends of the DarkClaw #1
29may98Wolverine B&W:(Leinil Francis Yu)
29may98Oldie Wolvie:Wolverine in Days of Future Past '98.(Joe Bennett)
29may98Wolvie in shadows:I'm sorry but I don't remember the artist. It's really good. If you know who did it, tell me please!
29may98Picasso does Wolvie:Ditto as above.
29may98Taste of Havana:No idea, but he smokes in the pic.

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