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April 9

Oh my God! I am the biggest pile of poo ever! I have so many questions that are in my email inbox that I have yet to answer. So, today, I'm finally answering them. I have to apologize to all of you who have submitted a question to me and have been waiting for an answer. I've been very busy with school and being the Editor in Chief of Days Central here at Daytime Central. My Sunset Beach Q&A has unfortunately, fallen by the wayside.

So, without further ado, we can just skip all the rules and sorted out categories and go straight on to the new questions.


How to Submit a Question...

Step One...

  • Think of a question about Sunset Beach. It can be anything. Stories, characters, families, history, behind the scenes.
    • Do NOT ask me about future storylines. I am not Madame Carmen, I do not have psychic powers, and I have no connection to NBC. So, I could not possibly answer them.
    • Also, many of you Sunset Beachers out there ask me about songs that are played during those montages (eg. while Gabi and Antonio were burning the tape). I'm not the best source for that information, but I'll pass on an email address That's Soap Opera Digest's "Ask Us" column; they generally can find out what the songs are.

Step Two...

  • Check through the pages to see if your question has already been asked. I will not answer questions that have already been answered and posted.

Step Three...

  • Email me the question. I've got my own separate email account just for these questions. Drop me a line at
    • Please, do not ask me for a personal email response. I answer the questions on the web page so that everyone can read them.

Step Four...

  • Check back here for your answer. Every time I've got enough answers (and time) I'll post the questions and my answers on these pages.

    On to the Questions...

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