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I think this show is actually a little educational, featuring the mad rush in the emergency ward, how they use those sophisticated equipment, difficulties, pressures and problems encountered by doctors etc... The relationships of those characters, like Paul, Henry and Qbert resemble that in File of Justice. They usually tease and joke with one another, however in times of trouble, they would encourage one another and lend a helping hand. But I should say that Paul, Gilbert, Henry and Joe still lack the sparkle that exist between Ben, Michael and Vincent in Files of Justic.

The love story between Paul and Jackie is another essence of the show. They are so cute together. For those who had watched the show, can u recall how Jackie tries to hold Paul's hand in Jackie encourages Paul time and again when he thought he is Paul rushes to the harbour in the rain to look for terrible Paul feels when something does wrong in the operation theatre....and lastly how poor Paul keeps reciting the story "The Little Prince" to Jackie, trying in vain to wake her up from her coma......

The main real why I like this show is because this is one of the rare shows that has a lot of very inspiring and touching conversations. I have put up a few of them in the "Quotes" section, do drop by.

Once again, I don't like the ending, why can't they let Jackie wake up? The ending is as sad and infuriating as that in SOH.....Nonetheless, it is a show not to be missed.

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