The NonFanfic page

These are pieces I've written that have no relation to anything.
Unless otherwise specified all are rated PG

More are forthcoming.
Original Stories

The Square Root of Three Likes Tangerines.  Note: The views expressed by
the narrator of "K is for Karma" no more represent my views and positions
than do those of "P is for Pooka" or "S is for Succubus"  I do not condone
violence in any way, shape or form. PG-13

Goblin Dance: A young woman hears unearthly music, and investigates.

Paperwork. An accountant gets a humorous look at the Afterlife.

The Convention The Vampyres@guvm list invades the 1992 Democratic convention.

Stories of Ellassa

Ellassa is a complex world in which my "trunk novel" is set. It has spawned a variety of short stories. Some follow.

The Lady Walks.  Duke William James IX of Guhrya and his wife discover
their retirement home is haunted.

Journeys.  A lone traveler brings interesting news to the People of Viurre.
Allegorical, but only if you want it.

Between Darkness and the Dawning: A look at the Emperor's youth. Rated R for mild incest and severe beating.

Elna A PWP, set in the same world as the previous two. The Emperor finds a way to mix business and pleasure. NC-17 for explicit sex, and mild bondage.

Karab: A brutal PWP novel fragment. The Emperor's favorite slave is assigned to a rather loathesome noble. NC-17. Read Disclaimer/Warning!

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