Your friendship must be warm and on the level. Let me put it this way. You are a fine friend and a formidable foe. With Aries, things are never done by halves. Aries expects total devotion and sincerity in friendship. In turn, he/she extends a loving and strong hand.

A good friend, though not a particularly brilliant one. Many times, family members and close relatives end up as friends. Yes, a Taurean can give himself/herself freely with time, and money, and practical advise. The Taurean likes friends, to be happy and in comfort. The Taurean hates to lose a friend, as the attachment is strong, and will often go out of the way to maintain a relationship. Taurean can be patient, persuasive, persistent with friends.

An amusing friend and according to me a good one. Gemini can return love, responds beautifully to a little appreciation. Gemini often feels, but wrongly so that others don't do enough for him/her. You are young at heart, you could be the life of a group. Whatever others might say about you, I do maintain that you excel in human relationships.

Your loyalty and attachments to people make you a friend worth his or her weight in gold. However, see that you do not expect too much out of friendship. Always ready to give, you are likely to be bitterly disappointed when friends do not live up to your own image of them. However, you will seldom cut your friendship ties and do much more for friends than they did for you. A good, solid friend.

As a friend you are worth your weight in pure gold. Leo is a mighty good friend. He/She does not ditch people. Leo is very warm and sincere. Your idealism and romanticism comes through very strongly here. Blessed is the person who has a Leo friend.

Understand, Virgo, that yours is a sign of service and communal living. It is a humane sign. Therefore, you need friends, though you may acknowledge it. In friendship, Virgo is at his best. Virgo may not be a hearty type. But Virgo will be steady and extremely reliable as a friend. Whatever advice and suggestions Virgo gives will be practical and to the point. Virgo hates to break off any relationship. A Virgo friend is a solid friend. He/She is worth the price in platinum.

You can give good advice to a friend and any friend who follows up will never come to grief. But if you expect Libra to give the heart also, you could be disillusioned. This does not mean that Libra is cold. It only means that you Libreans are often detached. You can be a good friend. It only means that one should not expect the impossible from a Libra. But Libra is excellent company. Libra has finesse and grace. Let me say, Libra is the lubricant in all human relationship.

There's explosive element here, pure dynamite, if you ask me. However good friend you may be, and you are good, do not be secretive and wear a mask. Yes, you are discriminative in friendship and psychologically speaking, a disturbed family background, sometimes tragically so, is responsible for it. In friendships, you are intensely loyal. Though you do and can appear detached, you are ultra-sensitive, specially in pride and self-respect. You are a little too over-bearing, never a happy ground for a stable friendship. Secrets will be well kept. Do not attach too much importance to minor lapses on the part of friends. You could be betrayed, resulting in a complete severing of all ties.

Generous to a fault and very helpful, you evidently make a good friend. If friends follow your advise they will be happy. Yes, you can guide them very well. Your intuition comes into full play in friendship. You will do more for them than they do for you. Even if your friends fail you, and many of them will, there will be no resentment and hatred. But your own prejudices will blind you on many occasions. With Sagittarius likes and dislikes are intense.

Once the initial hurdles are crossed, you will prove to be the old faithful. See that snobbery does not come into the way of true friendship. While you may not be very tactful and polished in your manners and talk, you won't fail a friend in an emergency. Try to reach out more, please.

Aquarians can be better counsellors than friends. The reason is that, though emotionally involved, they can think clearly and visualise situations and problems creatively. As yours is the sign of friendship, It do predict that your friends will receive both warmth and guidance from you.

A good friend ,humane, understanding, if slightly unconventional. Yes, you can understand a person intuitively, help him without a show of exuberance. The friendship may have an unworldly touch about it. But your advise should be worth following. A word of warning. Do not expect the impossible here. People have feet of clay and so, I am afraid , do you. Accept them for what they are worth, and let not idealism crowd judgement our innate grace and diplomacy could help save an unpleasant situation.