Here is a little background on the greatest duck in show business!

Name: Donald F. Duck

Birthday: 06-09-34

Hometown: Duckburg, USA

Love interest: Miss Daisy Duck

Donald has a small extended family which includes 3 nephews: Huey, Dewey and Louie, a sister Dumbella, an uncle Scrooge McDuck, a cousin Gladstone Gander and Grandma Duck.

Mr. Duck does Hollywood and the small screen!!!

Makes debut in "The Wise Little Hen - 1934

Co-stars with Mickey in Disney's first color cartoon, "The Band Concert" - 1934

Donald publishes first book - 1935

Appears in first comic strip - 1935

Donald gets his own Sunday comic strip - 1937

Receives Oscar for Best Cartoon Short Subject for "Der Fueher's Face" - 1943

Makes television debut in "The Donald Duck Story" - 1954

Jiminy Cricket hosts "This Is Your Life, Donald Duck" - 1960

The US army gives Donald a honorable discharge as a ranking private - 1984

Donald steals the show at the Ink and Paint club in a battle with that other duck Daffy in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" - 1988

Donald is honored in the television show "Donald the Starstruck Duck" - 1990

Returns to television in the Quack Pack - 1996

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