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This page was first put together to show a friend what Bodie and Doyle look like. It still has that as part of its humble aim, though it has now grown to include shots from the actors' other roles. If you're looking for anything other than pictures, check out the WebRing at the bottom of the page.

These images come from various sources. My sincere thank to all contributors!

Date most recent photo added: September 1999. Photos of Lewis identified, May 2000. Click here to find out what's new.

Mary Van Deusen has taken some of the pictures of Bodie and Doyle and reduced them into a single page collage. Some wonderful stuff!

Bodie's face For images of Bodie, click here.

Doyle's face For images of Doyle, click here.

Lewis Collins, in other roles and as himself.

Images of Martin Shaw, from Ladder of Swords, An Ideal Husband, etc.

Bodie and Doyle, or Martin and Lewis

Blips, Bloopers, and the Bisto Kids

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