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The movie is about the boys being sent to military school, and then sent to fight Canada after Suddam Hussain takes over. Kenny and Saddam die early in the film, and they are sent to hell with many dead celebrities, Greg also told him that he saw a still with Kenny, Suddam, Satan, and Satan's kid in hell eating Donuts at at Krispy Kremes. Stan and Kyle are going to be flying attack planes, and he said that's what they were recording the voices for now, he said it was like a take off of Top Gun. Cartman will assume the roll of Rambo, and he told me the funniest thing in the movie is when Cartman dresses up like a cop and goes into a bar filled with Canadian and Iraq troops, It will be like when Eddie Murphy went into the redneck bar in 48 hours. There is also a scene where Cartman is under a ceiling fan saying Toronto, God Damn I'm still in Toronto! A reference to Apocalypse Now. As for South Park, they are set in some type of Concentration Camp, and taught that Canada is the real super power in the world. He said the movie is filled with war movie references, Cartman will do a Patton speech in front of an American Flag, and there were alot of gags on Saving Private Ryan, Thin Red Line, and Red Dawn (about a war that breaks out in a small Colorado town). Kenny's death is still unclear, but it will have something to do with a cowboy hat and Dr. Strang love. The movie is over two hours, and Paramount wants some of it trimmed, the movie will offend everybody and some scenes will be protested by Canadians and people from Iraq. Every other word is a profanity, and Bryan Adams is doing a voiceover for one of the characters. This definitely sounds like it came from the minds of Trey and Matt
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Posted at 11:33PM EST