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Megaman NT Warriors debuted on Saturday May 17, 2003 at 9:30am Eastern on WB. This show is based on the Nintendo game character Megaman. Megaman is a net navi who helps his owner surf the net. Megaman also battles other net navi in competitions. The main plot is that Megaman along with other net navis are trying to prevent an evil organization from taking over the net. Some of Megaman's partners are former villains from the video games.

This show can be watched by children of all ages. The violence is similar to the video games.

Whoopi debuted on Tuesday September 9, 2003 at 8:00pm Eastern on NBC. Whoopi is another attempt to make Fawlty Towers into an American television show. Amanda's was a previous attempt. Fawlty Towers is a British Television show about a small hotel.

Whoopi stars Whoopi Goldberg as the owner. Amanda's starred Bea Arthur. Fawlty Towers starred John Cleese. Whoopi Goldberg's version does stray a little from the original Fawty Towers. Whoopi's secondary characters are her brother, her brother's girlfriend, and a handy man. Cleese's secondary characters were his wife, his assistant, a chef, a man who acted a waiter and bellboy, and a bunch of permenant residents. The main difference is that Whoopi does not interact much with her guests.

I have mixed feelings about this version. It was funny at times, but this show makes fun of many different people. For instance, Whoopi claims that her brother's girlfriend is teaching him to be black. The girlfriend is white who think she is black. Some people might find some of the jokes offensive. I will say that this show is an equal opportunity show for insults. No one race of people is singled out.

Happy Family debuted on Tuesday September 9, 2003 at 8:30pm Eastern on NBC. Happy Family is a comedy about a family where the children have mixed up lives. All three of the children are grown. Two of which have successful jobs.

The oldest child who works as a dentist in his father's practice has a financee and a girlfriend. He can't decide between the two. The daughter, the middle child, can't seem to find a man to be in a relationship with. The youngest who fails at everything that he attempts. The parents through the youngest out for failing to graduate from junior college. The youngest moves in with the divorcee next door.

I have a feeling that this show will go the same way as the The John Larroquette Show. John Larroquette stars in this one as the father. I felt that the writters did not know what to do with the characters in The John Larroquette Show which caused the show to last only a few seasons. I have the same feeling about Happy Family. I hope that I am wrong because I do enjoy watching John Larroquette on television.

Jake 2.0 debuted on Wednesday September 10, 2003 at 9:00pm Eastern on UPN. Jake 2.0 is about a tech aide who recieves enhanced abiliities and becomes a agent for the National Security Administration.

Jake 2.0 is a disapointment. The show looked good during the summer previews. It turns out there is not one original idea for the show. Jake is a combination of the Six Million Dollar Man and Captain America. The Six Million Dollar Man was the result from rebuilding a man with bionic parts. Captain America was a man who was injected with a serum to become a super soldier during World War II. Jake is in an accident, and is injeccted with nano technology to gain the powers. The nano technology was being developed to make super soldiers. The only thing different about Jake is that Jake can interface with computer generated objects similiar to a wireless modem.

Jake 2.0 also has elements form Le Femme Nikita. Le Femme Nikita was a show about an antiterrorist orginization who used saltellite technology to track the progress of the agents. The same technology is used for Jake.

The Mullets debuted on Thursday September 11, 2003 at 9:30pm Eastern on UPN. The Mullets is about two brothers who are roofers.

The best description for The Mullets is culture clash. The Mullet brothers could be considered party boys who love rock and roll music. Their mother married a game show host who likes the finer things in live. The clash is upper class versus working class and mom gets to be peacekeeper between the two sides. This show could succeed if its intended audience watches. The show looks like it is intended for a younger audience. I was not too impressed with it since I am in my forties.

All About the Andersons debuted on Friday September 12, 2002 at 9:30pm Eastern on WB. All About the Andersons is a comedy about an actor who moves back to his parents house after his marriage breaks up and his New York acting does not flourish. The actor has his son with him.

All About the Andersons looks promising. The father wants the son to go work with him in the barber shop. The mother gives her son full support in his acting. There is even a medical student who is renting out the actor's old room. This show has the potential of being a very funny show. Conflicts between father and son, and between renter and actor could prove hilarious.

One thing I like about the show is that the mother, father, and renter are all actors from earlier sitcoms, John Amos, from Good Times plays the father. Roz Ryan, one of the sisters from Amen, plays the mother. Amiee Garcia, from Greetings From Tucson, plays the renter. Anthony Anderson, who plays the son, was in a teen series about a high school basketball team. The main actors have the experience to make this show a hit provided the writing stays on the level of the first episode.

Like Family debuted on Friday September 20, 2003 at 8:30pm Eastern on WB. Greetings From Tucson is a comedy about a mother and her son who move in with her best friend's family to avoid the violence of the big city. Like Family is similiar to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The son moved to Bel Air in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to get away from violence, but the mother stayed behind. The difference between the mothers is not the only difference between the two shows. The family from Like Family is a middle class family. The Bel Air family were extremly wealthy.

The only true bright spot in this show is Holly Robinson Pette who plays the best friend. It seems that she is going to be the mediator between the two families. The remaining cast are all unknown to me. The show is funny at times. There looks to be plenty of comedic conflict between the two families. I don't know if this show can make it with one experienced actress.

Two and a Half Men debuted on Monday September 23, 2003at 9:30pm Eastern on NBC. Two and a Half Men is a comedy about a man, along with his son, moves in with his single brother.

Two and a Half Men is another new comedy with full of potential. Scenes with the boy and the uncle are funny. The uncle uses his nephew to attact single women, and to win at poker. The boy's father constantly whines about his wife leaving him.

Things I like about this show. The three main characters have a chance to grow. It looks like the uncle and nephew will become close. The uncle, a womanizer is starting to see that there is more to life than having sex with women. The boy's father seems to be clueless as why his wife left him. Hopefully, the man can get out of his depression by seeing how his brother lives.

The brother's mother is a charcter that may not be needed. She favors the recently seperated son over the single one.

I'm With Her debuted on Tuesday September 23, 2003 at 8:30pm Eastern on ABC. I'm With Her is a comedy about an English Teacher who is dating a movie actress.

I'm With Her is funny at times, but not a very good show. I like shows with teachers who interact with their students. The main emphasis of this show is the interaction between the actress and the teacher. The teacher's interaction between his students is secondary. I might like this show better if the interactions were reversed. The primary focus should be on the teacher's relationship with his students, and the relationship with the actress should be focused secondary. Welcome Back Kotter, and Head of the Class were two successful comedies in which the main focus was between the teachers and their students.

Cold Case debuted on Sunday September 29, 2003 at 8:00pm Eastern on CBS. Cold Case is a drama about the investigation of unsolved murders.

The idea behind Cold Case sounds interesting. Unsolved murder cases are reopened when new evidence appears. A witness comes forth in the debut episode to reopen a 33 year old murder case. I was not too impressed with the debut episode. The entire show was all about interviewing suspects and witnesses. There are other police dramas similiar to this show but are better. Law and Order: Special Vicitms Unit is an example. Law and Order: Special Vicitms Unit is mostly interviews, but has the added edge of a prosecuter preparing a case, and a psychologist profiling potential suspects. Cold Case has no added elements. I would have liked Cold Case better if it had some added element. I was hoping for an interesting show based on preview. I was dissapointed.

One major problem with Cold Case is the language. The language in the show is not appropirate for an 8:00pm show. Cold Case should be on at 10:00pm. 8:00pm shows have been known to be suitable for the entire family. Has the family viewing period become obsolete based on the language in Cold Case?

Teen Titans debuted on WB on Saturday November 1, 2003 at 8:30am Eastern. Teen Titans is a cartoon version of a comic book published by DC of the same name. Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven are the super heroes who make up the Teen Titans.

I have mixed feelings about this show. This show is action packed for a cartoon of this nature. The characterzations of the heroes are not well done. The characters heads look too big for their bodies. Also, the characters don't look old enough to be called Teen Titans. They look more like Pre Teen Titans.<

One thing that I do like about this show is Beast Boy. Beast Boy was a member of the Doom Patrol in the comic books. The Doom Patrol were a group of heroes who were leaded by a man in a wheel chair that the called chief. Beast Boy later changed his name to the Changeling when he joined the Teen Titans. It is good to see a character go back to his roots.

One side note. This show has been running on Cartoon Network for a while. This was my first chance to see this show since I no longer have cable television.

Xiaolin Showdown debuted on WB on Saturday November 1, 2003 at 9:30am Eastern. Xiaolin Showdown is about 4 young children, 3 boys and a girl, who are learning to be dragons of the elements Earth, Wind, Fire, ands water. These four must retrieve ancient artifacts to stop an evil spirt, a female, from regaining her powers.

This show exceeded my expectations. I wasn't to impressed by the previews. This show is a typical good versus evil story line. The four youths main adversary is a boy who has thoughts of world domination. The evil boy is paired with the evil spirti in a race against the four for the artifacts. The four look like they will learn from each other. This shows how cooperation and learning form each other can have positive results.

Arrested Development debuted on FOX on Sunday November 2, 2003 at 9:30pm Eastern. The show was delayed for a few minutes because of the earlier run over from football. Arrested Development is a comedy about a corporate head who is arrested and places his wife as the head of the company. The wife does not know how to run the company, and it is up to a son to set things right.

Arrested Development is the worst of the new shows so far that I have seen. I did not find any humor in this show at all. It seems that this show relies on corporate humor. I never worked in the corporate world so maybe I don't see the humor in the show. Jason Bateman is the son who is trying to set things right. Bateman had success as one of the sons on the Hogan Family. Arrested Development could be a flop for Bateman.

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