King Kong vs. Godzilla
This video does not have much of a plot. The main emphasis is the battle bettween King Kong and Godzilla. There is mention of some berry juice that could be used for scientific purposes, but it is only shown to be a seditive for King Kong

King Kong vs. Godzilla can be seen by the whole family. This video had some discontinuity. King Kong fell to his death after falling from the Empire State building approximately 30 years earlier. There is no mention if this Kong is a descendant from the original Kong. The berry juice was to have been studied by scientists, but this never happened. I am rating this video a 1½ on a scale from 1 to 5. The lack of continuity warrants a one rating, but the final fight scene is worth an extra half a point. Viewers must wait approximately 80 minutes to watch the best scene in the whole video.

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