"You are Cordially Invited..."

Season Six, Episode 7
Written by Ronald D Moore
Directed by David Livingston
Music by Dennis McCarthy
Main Cast:
Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko
Rene Auberjonois as Odo
Michael Dorn as Lt Cmdr Worf
Terry Farrell as Lt Cmdr Jadzia Dax
Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko
Colm Meaney as Chief Miles O'Brien
Armin Shimerman as Quark
Alexander Siddig as Dr Julian Bashir
Nana Visitor as Major Kira Nerys

Guest Stars:
J.G. Hertzler as Martok
Max Grodenchik as Rom
Aron Eisenberg as Nog
Shannon Cochrane as Sirella
Marc Worden as Alexander
Chase Masterson as Leeta


As life slowly returns back to normal aboard DS9, Dax and Worf decide to alter their wedding plans and hold the ceremony on the station before Alexander is re-assigned to another post. As per Klingon tradition, Worf leads Sisko, Bashir, O'Brien and Alexander on the torturous "path to Cal'hia", the Klingon equivalent of a "bachelor's party" which proves a bit unpalatable to Miles and Julian. Meanwhile, Martok's wife Sirella arrives aboard the station and Dax must earn her approval before the wedding may commence. But Sirella proves a tough cookie, putting Dax through the loop and jeering that as an alien she will never be accepted by a Klingon family. In a heated moment, Sirella declares that she will cancel the wedding. Following a disagreement between Dax and Worf, with the help of their friends, they patch things up and Dax apologises to Sirella for causing her any disrespect. Jadzia Dax and Worf are married aboard DS9.

If you were to ask me to list my top five favourite things about Star Trek, then I can safely say that very near the top of that list would be Jadzia Dax. Despite being DS9's most under-written and oft mis-used character, it's simply impossible not to adore Terry Farrell's delightfully charismatic, roguish performance. Whereas many Starfleet officers are po-faced fogies (umm, think The Next Generation), Dax has a fun-loving, devil-may-care streak and a deliciously wicked sense of humour! I just love Dax!

Unfortunately, I can't say the same about Mister Worf. He was actually OK on TNG - in fact, I used to consider him one of their more interesting characters - but since he's arrived aboard DS9, he seems to have degenerated into a grumpy old sourpuss. I think the writers are probably to blame for this - after all, they were responsible for the atrocious Let He Who is Without Sin, and I still haven't forgiven Worf's actions in that episode. Perhaps the DS9 writers were subconsciously peed off with the fact they were told to bring one of TNG's characters onto DS9? I wouldn't really blame them, particularly considering the DS9 characters are a much more interesting bunch anyway!

Anyway, the Worf/Dax romance - it wasn't exactly a surprise when it happened, considering they'd been flirting throughout the fourth season. They actually worked quite well together in some episodes, like Sons of Mogh. But Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places (the episode where they got together" and the aforementioned Let He Who is Without Sin (which also focused on their relationship) weren't exactly inspiring. Coupled with their incessantly childish bickering - you could say that I wasn't exactly filled with joy at the prospect of them getting married. I was more of a Dax/Bashir fan (they would have made such a cute couple!), to be honest - Dax deserved far better than ol' prune face.

But, at least thus far into sixth season, Worf hasn't been quite as annoying as he was last year and the idea of the wedding - well it's grown on me a little. Still not over-joyed, but I guess you just have to accept what the writers come out with! Anyway, the episode itself - kind of a bittersweet affair, particularly with the foreknowledge that by beloved Dax's days are numbered (sob), but I actually enjoyed it. It's fluff, make no mistake, but it's also a wonderfully light-hearted, entertaining and
funny yarn.

Needless to say, Dax steals the show! :-) Terry Farrell is on top, scene-stealing form, whether she's hosting the wildest party we've ever seen on Trek, or punching Sirella, her snobbish mother-in-law to-be! It's great to see Dax in the spotlight after two seasons of neglect, and there's a wonderful scene between Sisko and Dax when she gets cold feet. Terry and Avery Brooks always seem to work beautifully together, and the bond between them seems heartfelt and genuine.

Even Worf isn't too bad in this one - the notion that he gets teary-eyed taking about Klingon rituals is amusing, and I love it when other characters irritate him! The first scene in Dax's quarters is hilarious. First he asks if the ceremonial candles which Jadzia has prepared are real, to which her sarcastic response is a classic! Then Sirella enters, furious at his presence: "What is he doing here?!"; "I meant no disrespect," bumbles Worf; Sirella: "Then leave!!" There's another scene where Martok has a good old laugh at Worf's sense of humour, or lack thereof! Gee, that guy has to lighten up, but it sure is fun watching people poke fun at him!

Mustn't forget the bachelor party - which was hysterical, mainly because of Bashir and O'Brien's hilarious interaction! An absolutely classic scene was the one with them hanging over a pit of burning coal: "I think this is working; I can see a vision of the future! It's so vividly clear - I'm gonna kill Worf!"

The final wedding scene works a treat. The set looks great, the music sounds great and Terry looks gorgeous in that dress. Now usually Klingon stories about honour, etc, have me gagging, but the tale about how the love of two Klingon hearts destroyed the Gods in the heavens was nicely conceived, and the scene itself was actually rather touching.

I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I enjoyed the wedding of Dax and Worf, and I very much appreciated the cordial invitation! The episode itself was light and frothy but delightfully amusing - and a very welcome reprieve following the grim tone of the war arc. Boy, I'm gonna miss Dax.

Rating: 8

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