Great Links

Thanks for visiting the Celestial Temple. The Prophets greatly appreciate your patronage. But, since you can't stay here forever, here is a selection of some of the best stop-off places this side of the Federation...

For Star Trek Reviews:

Star Trek Hypertext -- reviews of DS9, Voyager and TOS by renowned net critic Jamahl Epsicokhan.

For the collected works of Tim Lynch:

Brian the Snorf's Quick Reviews -- short, snappy and bound to elicit and chuckle! Mainly DS9 and Voyager Reviews.

TNG Episode Archive -- if TNG is more your cup of tea, then this will be your mecca. Comprehensive episode guide plus collected reviews by Tim Lynch and Phil Kernick.

Jim's Delta Blues -- Includes an in-depth synopsis for each episode as well as reviews, covering every single episode. A must for Voyager fans.

Delta Quadrant -- thoughtful and intelligent DS9 and Voyager reviews by Laurie Russell.

The Chakotay Quotient -- Voyager reviews with an emphasis on Chakotay. Irreverent, quirky and fun!

Eon's Tube Reviews -- a multitude of reviews covering every incarnation of Trek and dozens other genre shows.

Star Trek News
The Great Link -- I've yet to find a better site for Trek news, gossip and misc. Highly comprehensive and highly recommended.

Psi Phi -- Lots of news and episode guides to DS9 and Voyager. Includes discussion boards and details of upcoming books.

Trektoday -- All the latest Trek news, updated daily.

Trekweb -- Includes the latest news, rumours, plus episode guides and reviews for DS9 and Voyager.


Star Trek in Sound and Vision -- an excellent site with loads of graphics and sound bytes. Beautifully-presented.

Official Star Trek site -- frankly, I've seen better fan-run sites, but still worth a look.

Damar: Hero of Cardassia -- an intelligent site that explores in great depth Damar's journey from down-trodden alcoholic to redemption as hero of Cardassia. Includes fanfic, episode guide and interesting articles.

Aniketos Star Trek -- a site filled with information and Trek trivia.

SOS Homepage -- cast your votes for Trek episodes at the Spoiler-free Opinion Survey.

Odo's Padd -- fanfic and comprehensive links for lovers of Odo/Kira everywhere.