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11th April 2001

They've been a long time coming, but here they finally are -- my final reviews of both DS9 and TNG:

And, finally, here's a short note pertaining to the future of this site.

1st December

Well, how's that -- a month to the day since the last update! Here we go with DS9's penultimate episode. If I don't manage to get the final episode up before Christmas, then I'd just like to wish everyone happy holidays. :-)

1st November

One new review, more on the way as soon as is humanely possible!

4th September

Em, yes, I am still alive in case you've been wondering! It's been an extremely hectic couple of months which explains the lack of updates over the Summer. But I think we're back on track now...

Newly posted is my latest DS9 review:

Still to come...it's curtain time for both TNG and DS9! Expect a review of TNG's final episode, All Good Things... sometime soon, as well as the remaining three episodes of DS9's Final Chapter. The end is nigh!!!!

17th June

The weatherman says it's raining. And:

Meanwhile, on TNG:

29th May

New DS9 review posted:

And on TNG side of things:

6th May

Two new TNG reviews:

29th April

Everything old is new again! What do you think of the new look? I can tell you, it's taken some work -- every single page on the site has been redesigned. Hopefully the wait has been worth it. Getting down to business, we have 5 new reviews:

Be sure to check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes Preview of Star Trek: Series V! Not available anywhere else on the web!!

Also new is my site Introduction.

Stay tuned for more...

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