The Downloads:

Winamp Skin:

Winamp skins change the appearance of the NullSoft Winamp MP3 player. To learn more about using Skins, click HERE .

Download the Carmen Electra Winamp Skin (130 KB)

Screen Savers:
Screen Saver 1
Size: 667 KB

Attributes: A slide show of images. Many options to configure.

Screen Saver 2
Size: 1.45 MB

Attributes: A very nice screen saver. Great pictures with special effects. Many configurable options. Longer download time than the other screen savers.

Screen Saver 3
Size: 967 KB

Attributes: Only screen saver to come with sound. Gives option of setting desktop wallpaper to one of the included images. Some options to configure. Not very many pictures in screen saver.

Screen Saver 4
Size: 833 KB

Attributes: Much like screen saver 1, though with more images.

Desktop Wallpapers:
Instruction on setting wallpapers:
Click on the wallpaper of your choice. Once the wallpaper has loaded in a new window, right click it and select "Set as Wallpaper". Many of these wallpapers are available only for 800x600 resolutions (the most common resolution), though some are also available for 640x480 and 1024x768 resolutions.






Windows Themes:

A Carmen Electra Windows theme changes the mouse pointers, sounds, desktop image, etc...

Click here to download Carmen Electra theme 1.
Click here to download Carmen Electra theme 2.