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If all this nonsense peaks your interest and you'd like to be a WGTV contributor, e-mail us at wgtv@tvfans.to and we'll discuss it. Any shows you'd like to see covered here? Leave a message in our guestbook or e-mail us. Any interesting sites that you think would be of wackygenre interest? Drop us a line and let us know about them. We're always looking for more neat places to link to.


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This site was last tinkered with on NOV. 27, 2000



Nov. 27, 2000 - Another addition to our Across the Pond section as we give you our look at that Brit SF/Comedy cult classic, Red Dwarf! Check it out now!

Nov. 11, 2000 - We've revamped our Section covering old WGTV shows. Each show now has it's own page, with snazzy new graphics and everything! We've also added our tributes to that classic gonzo horror soap opera, Dark Shadows and the downbeat SF cult classic, Space Above and Beyond! To check out all this Wayback excitement, click HERE! We've also added a quick "Go-To" scroll menu for the truly lazy! Now, all your fave WGTV shows are just a click away!

Oct 15, 2000 - Finally! After a lengthy hiatus, we're back with some new stuff! Our Across the Pond section, a tribute to all things wackygenre and British, is finally up and running! To check it out, click HERE!

We've also added a tribute page to everyone's favourite undead heart-throb, Angel! To visit his hunky undeadness, click HERE!

AND we've also started to include EPISODE GUIDES of the shows that we cover! Just another gift from your friends here at WGTV!

Oct 24, 1999 - A new entry has been been added to our Battlin' Babes section. To find out who the new babe is, click HERE!

And to those of you who're wondering why we haven't put up anything on the WackyGenreTV class of 2000, well, our policy here is that we only give the wackygenre treatment to a series that has seen it's way through it's first season. You can pretty much get the gist of a show after one season. Of course all bets are off if a series is deep-sixed before it makes it through one season. In such cases, we weigh the relative merits of the show and it's few meager episodes before deciding if it should be included. BRIMSTONE is a perfect case in point. It lasted all of what, 10 episodes? Despite it's premature death, we felt the show was good enough to warrant a lengthy panegyric from us here at WGTV. But hey, if you feel strongly about one of the new crop of WGTV shows, send us a rant and we'll put a page together for it. We'll bend the rules because, hey, we love ya!

Oct 9, 1999 - Plenty of cool stuff has happened. There has been another addition to the Stud Muffin corral, courtesy of WGTV's Lizzibeth. Click HERE to check it out.

Another bit of sparkling news is that the WGTV page has won it's first award! That's right, guys and gals, Wacky Genre TV has received Geocities' Television City "Top O' The City" Gold Award, which is one of their top awards (hey, blackmail works!). It's only been awarded to a scant thousand, so naturally, we feel honoured. Of course, now that we've smelled blood, we want more! Anyway, to check out the actual award and the "Top O' The City" Web ring that we're now part of, just scroll down the page a bit. Today, Geocities, tomorrow, the world! Ah, ha, ha, ha!

Oct 3, 1999 - The WGTV STUD MUFFINS page is finally up! That's right ladies, those hunks o' burning WackyGenre manhood can now be found here in WGTV Land. Go on in and take a peek; our boys aren't shy!

Many thanks to Lizzibeth and Free Lesescargot, our two newest contributors, for a tantalizing glimpse into their lurid fantasy lives. Hopefully, we'll be hearing more from both of them.




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