Teletubbies Love to Play! these first three wonderful games were made by Chrissy! Make sure you visit his teletubby site,it's great fun! These are all .zip files so you will need WinZip or PKZip to open them

TUBBY TOAST! is one of series of quaint little programs that Chrissy
is making about the Teletubbies. This one stars Po, the small red Teletubbie. Guide her around the screen on her scooter so that she can pick up lots of Tubby Toast. It's not quite that simple, however, for Laa Laa has gone off to play with Dipsy and has left her ball bouncing madly aroundthe screen - and if it knocks Po off her scooter, she has to start again, again!  

TELETUBBIES COLUMNS another in the series of Teletubbies games that Chrissy made
This is one is based on the popular computer puzzle game of Columns. Manouvere the falling blocks to line up
three or more pictures from the Teletubbies program. And then do it againagain until you run out of room    

TELETUBBIES PAIRS is Chrissy's newest game! I love it a lot. You get to match Teletubbies pairs ..its great fun!!

NooNoo will run around your screen cleaning and sucking up everything in her path!  this is more of a screensaver novelty than a game
Teletubby Sound wavs a nice collection of tubby sounds (zip file)